Thursday, May 26, 2011
ORNL in the News

ORNL Marks Completion of Solar-Assisted EV Charging Stations

(Newswise) With 125 solar-assisted electric vehicle charging stations to be built from Knoxville to Memphis, Tennessee is poised to lead the nation with an electric vehicle demonstration project led by the Department of Energy and industry partners. At a ceremony today at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, industry and lab officials celebrated the completion of 25 solar-assisted electric vehicle charging stations...5/25

Project involves plutonium & a little mystery

(Knoxville News Sentinel) Special preparations are underway to relocate old waste drums that contain plutonium and to prepare the materials for eventual repackaging and shipment to the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant for disposal. Bechtel Jacobs Co., the Dept. of Energy's environmental manager, plans to take the drums out of storage at a site west of Oak Ridge National Laboratory and move them to another storage location near DOE's Transuranic Waste Processing Center...5/25


Department of energy to host inaugural energy Frontier Research Center Summit

(Environmental Expert) U.S. Department of Energy Secretary Steven Chu will welcome nearly 1,000 of America's top energy researchers to Washington, D.C. for the inaugural Science for the Nation's Energy Future: The Energy Frontier Research Centers Summit and Forum...4/24

State & Regional

Federal fish hatcheries in state in jeopardy

(AP) The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency says federal fish hatcheries in Tennessee are in jeopardy because of proposed budget cuts...5/25


Pakistan trims U.S. military mission as mistrust grows

(Reuters) Pakistan's government has told the United States to halve the number of military trainers it has stationed in the country, the latest sign of spiraling distrust between the two allies since the killing of Osama bin Laden...5/26

East Tennessee

Rare mussels found in Emory River

(Knoxville News Sentinel) Hugh Faust's recent discovery of two endangered mussel species on the upper Emory River might not have happened if his mother hadn't made him clean up his room...5/26

Children's Museum shows Oak Ridge has no borders

(Oak Ridger) We continue reciting the oral history of Selma Shapiro, we now see how she managed to grow the Children's Museum of Oak Ridge. Hers was a labor of love throughout the years spent there...5/25

energy & science policy

Inside Energy Extra

5/25 A daily report on U.S. energy policy
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- Chu to Congress: Maintain R&D funding
- New labels rate vehicles for fuel, GHGs
- Republicans link Fed to high gasoline prices
- Bill targets attorneys' fees for green groups
- NRC nominee Ostendorff hailed at hearing

science & technology

China Passed The U.S. In Information Technology. What’s Next?

(Forbes) No country in the entire world publishes more scientific research in reputable journals than the United States of America. But China is breathing down America’s neck, according to a series of three analyses prepared for Forbes by SciVal Analytics, a division of the giant scientific publisher Elsevier...5/25

The Next Great Resource Shortage: U.S. Scientists

(Time) The word "stem" is tossed around so much at education meetings these days, you'd think you were at a gardening seminar. STEM is shorthand for "science, technology, engineering, and mathematics" — all fields that are growing, providing lucrative jobs, and key to future American competitiveness...5/25

Will 10 Billion People Use Up the Planet's Resources?

(Scientific American) [Opinion] The human enterprise now consumes nearly 60 billion metric tons of minerals, ores, fossil fuels and plant materials, such as crop plants and trees for timber or paper...5/25

Why has 2011's tornado season been so terrible?

(CS Monitor) Nearly 1,200 tornadoes have swarmed the United States this year and the death toll from these tornadoes has likely topped 500, a number not seen since 1953...5/25

Other Stories

Before And After: A Bird's-Eye View Of Joplin

(NPR) Drag the slider right and left to see before and after images of the area around Joplin High School — or what now remains of it — just two days after a tornado leveled most of Joplin, Mo., on Sunday...5/26

Arab Spring Tops G-8 Agenda

(Wall Street Journal) Leaders of the Group of Eight industrialized economies gathered Thursday on France's Normandy coast to decide measures to help Arab countries build democracy and market economies in the wake of the uprisings this year...5/26

Japan slammed for nuclear crisis response, new leak feared

(Reuters) Environmental group Greenpeace slammed Japan's "inadequate response" to the nuclear disaster at a quake-crippled power plant on Thursday as the plant operator revealed an apparent new leak of radioactive water...5/26