Tuesday, May 26, 2015
ORNL in the News

UT Physicists to Work on Next Generation of ORNL Super Computer

(Tennessee Today) When the next generation of high performance computing comes to Oak Ridge National Laboratory, UT’s physicists will be working on the first projects that put its power to work. Summit, the third in the evolution of ORNL’s supercomputers, is set to come online in 2018...5/22

ORNL Researchers Develop Temperature-Controlled Shape-Memory Polymer

(AZO Materials) A research team from Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Washington State University and the University of Idaho has succeeded in developing a shape-memory polymer that can change from its original shape, through a sequence of temporary shapes, before finally returning back to its initial form...5/22

Leaking reactor pool at ORNL gets attention; AREVA wins support contract

(The Knoxville News Sentinel) A leaking reactor pool was discovered last September at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, prompting an urgent effort to pinpoint the source of the leak of slightly radioactive water and then a watchful eye to make sure the leak — about 100 drops per minute, collected in a basin beneath the facility — didn’t get worse over time...5/21

Revolutionary new system analyzes spot welds in seconds

(Collision Repair Mag) Weld testing is typically destructive, as most testing relies on pulling the weld apart to test its tensile strength. However, a new method of non-destructive testing is under development that could eventually find application in the collision repair industry...5/25

Scott CurranCurran at ORNL receives SAE Foundation industry leadership award

(Oak Ridge Today) Scott Curran, a researcher at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory, has received the Society for Automotive Engineers Foundation’s 2015 Stefan Pischinger Young Industry Leadership Award...5/23

Terry HazenHazen to Lead UT’s Institute for a Secure and Sustainable Environment

(Tennessee Today) A leading center at UT will soon have a new director: accomplished faculty member Terry Hazen is taking the helm at the Institute for a Secure and Sustainable Environment. The appointment was announced this week by College of Engineering Dean Wayne Davis....5/18

Science and Technology

CHAMPBoeing Unveils Amazing, Slightly Terrifying New Electromagnetic Pulse Weapon

(NASDAQ) ...The weapon in question: Boeing's "CHAMP," short for Counter-electronics High-powered Microwave Advanced Missile Project. It's essentially the old nuclear electromagnetic pulse weapon that we used to worry so much about -- but without the nuclear part. CHAMP carries a small generator that emits microwaves to fry electronics with pinpoint accuracy...5/23

Energy and Science Policy

Mining in SpaceThe House just passed a bill about space mining. The future is here.

For as long as we've existed, humans have looked up at the stars — and wondered. What is up there? Who is out there? Now, to that list of questions we can add: And CAN I HAVE IT? The United States has already shown its penchant for claiming ownership of space-based things...5/22


Cyber silence at Y-12

(The Knoxville News Sentinel) As of late last week, the federal and contractor folks at the Y-12 nuclear weapons plant still weren’t saying much about the disruption in the plant’s unclassified security system. They were saying nothing about possible problems with the classified system or whether there were impacts on production or security...5/25

Energy Secretary Moniz Announces 2014 Ernest Orlando Lawrence Award Winners

(Energy.gov) U.S. Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz today announced nine exceptional U.S. scientists and engineers as recipients of the Ernest Orlando Lawrence Award for their contributions in research and development that supports the Energy Department’s science, energy and national security missions...5/21

U.S. Energy Department yet to release environmental document on potential German waste shipments to SRS

(Augusta.com) The import of highly radioactive nuclear waste from Germany to Savannah River Site has been delayed by failure to finish a report. Nearly a year after a public hearing on proposed German nuclear waste shipments, the U.S. Department of Energy says a required report on environmental impacts awaits completion...5/23

Local and State

Professor Publishes First Book on Emerging Pathogen Ranavirus

(Tennessee Today) A genus of emerging pathogens Ranavirus is thought to be the potential new culprit causing the decline and extinction of amphibians around the world. A new book by a UT professor provides insight on the viruses and guidance on urgent research directions to address them...5/22

Tennessee electric vehicle rebates questioned

(The Chattanooga Times Free Press) Tennessee has revived a rebate program for buyers of electric cars, but a public policy group questioned the money for the effort and claimed the state is "basically just throwing it away."...5/23

BalajeeBalajee named director of Cytogenetic Biodosimetry Lab at REAC/TS

(Oak Ridge Today) Adayabalam Balajee has been named the director of the Cytogenetic Biodosimetry Laboratory, which is operated as part of the Radiation Emergency Assistance Center/Training Site, or REAC/TS, at the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education...5/23