Thursday, May 26, 2016
ORNL in the News

Revealing the nature of magnetic interactions in manganese oxide

( For nearly 60 years, scientists have been trying to determine how manganese oxide (MnO) achieves its long-range magnetic order of alternating up and down electron spins...The research was described by a collaboration of scientists from the U.S. Department of Energy's Brookhaven National Laboratory, Columbia University, DOE's Oak Ridge and Los Alamos National Laboratories, Institut Laue-Langevin in France, and the University of Warwick in England...5/25

ORNL Researchers Create Framework for Easier, Effective FPGA Programming

(HPC Wire) ...FPGAs are already widely and effectively used in many dedicated applications (accelerated packet processing, for example), but generally not in situations that require ‘reconfiguring’ the FPGA to accommodate different applications. A group of researchers from Oak Ridge National Laboratory is hoping to change that...5/24

Carbon fiber happenings at ORNL

(Knoxville News Sentinel) Oak Ridge National Laboratory announced recently that it had signed an “exclusive licensing agreement” with RMX Technologies of Knoxville. The agreement covers a new technology that reduces the time and energy needed in production of carbon fiber...5/23

ORNL gets $2.54M grant for windows research

(Knoxville News Sentinel) Oak Ridge National Laboratory has received a $2.54 million grant from the Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) for a research project to develop a “low-cost, multi-layer, highly transparent and thermally insulating film” for windows...5/24

DOE Announces $10 Million for Innovative Bioenergy Research

(USAgnet) ...The projects selected include LanzaTech Inc., Skokie, Ill. This project will work on technology to enable manufacturing of the high-value industrial chemical building block, acetone, via biomass-derived syngas. This process will use cutting edge systems biology techniques developed at Oak Ridge National Lab to engineer completely new metabolic pathways in bacteria...5/24

ORNL Team Bonds CFC and Aluminum with Lasers

(IEEE Insights) Researchers at the U.S. Energy Department’s Oak Ridge National Lab have found a way to bond carbon fiber composites and aluminum together for use in lightweight automotive parts and other applications...5/26

Science and Technology

Artificial Intelligence Is Far From Matching Humans, Panel Says

(NY Times) Never mind Terminator-like killer robots. Artificial intelligence researchers are grappling with more realistic questions like whether their creations will take too many jobs from humans...5/25

Energy and Science Policy

United States poised to approve major chemical safety overhaul

(Science Magazine) The U.S. Senate is expected to approve a major overhaul of the nation’s primary chemical safety law—marking one of the last steps in a decades-long reform effort...5/25



Department of Energy Announces 14 New Projects for Window Efficiency Technologies

( The Energy Department’s Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) today announced $31 million in funding for 14 projects as part of ARPA-E’s newest program: Single-Pane Highly Insulating Efficient Lucid Design (SHIELD). SHIELD project teams are developing innovative window coatings and windowpanes that could significantly improve the energy efficiency of existing single-pane windows in commercial and residential buildings...5/23

US Department of Energy wants electricity grid to be able to handle 100% mid-day peak solar power

(Electrek) The US Department of Energy is readying the power grids for solar power to meet 100%, and greater, of local electricity demand as solar peaks mid-day...5/25

Local and State

TVA tells NRC of steps to open communications at Watts Bar

(Knoxville News Sentinel) Failure of managers to see how the stress of new performance initiatives at a time a new reactor was being readied to go online, and of some individual disciplinary actions were impacting workers were key causes of a "chilled" work environment at the Watts Bar Nuclear Plant, TVA officials told the Nuclear Regulatory Commission today...5/24

State posts fish advisory on Bear Creek

(Knoxville News Sentinel) Decades after discharges from the Y-12 nuclear weapons plant polluted local waterways, the state has decided to post a do-not-eat-the-fish advisory on Bear Creek because of increasing public access to a lower stretch of the creek...5/25

UT professor teams with NASA to produce evidence of climate change

(The Daily Beacon) ...Professor Joshua Fu began his career in climate change during the mid-1990s, when he began focusing on air pollution. While traveling between the U.S. and Asia, Fu became involved with the trans-continental study of climate change across the globe...5/25