Friday, May 27, 2011
ORNL in the News

Boston College Researchers Probe Inner Workings of High Temperature Superconductivity

(Boston College Chronicle) Researchers from Boston College, Chinese Academy of Sciences, National Institute of Standards and Technology, Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the University of Tennessee – used neutron scattering and scanning tunneling microscopy to determine the interplay between AFM and superconductivity....5/26

Physicists explain the long, useful lifetime of carbon-14

(PhysOrg) Why, exactly, does carbon-14 have a half-life of nearly 6,000 years while other light atomic nuclei have half-lives of minutes or seconds?... It's all about the simultaneous interactions among any three nucleons and the resulting influence on the decay of carbon-14. And it's no easy task to simulate those interactions. In this case, it took about 30 million processor-hours on the Jaguar supercomputer....5/26


Chu Hopes Kids Will Encourage Families To Go Green

(NPR) [Audio] Energy Secretary Steven Chu is launching an initiative to educate students about energy efficiency. He talks to Mary Louise Kelly about energy alternatives in an era of high gas prices, and about the future of the nuclear industry in the United States....5/26

More than 150 applicants for Los Alamos job; choice of McMillan lauded

(Knoxville News Sentinel) DOE/NNSA made it official, with the announcement that Charles F. McMillan has been appointed the new director of Los Alamos National Laboratory....5/26

East Tennessee

Convicted hijacker shares story, details 1972 threat to Oak Ridge

(WBIR-TV) It's 1972 and for a few hours the nation's attention turns to Oak Ridge, Tennessee and a hijacked airplane that's hovered around North America for nearly 30 hours....5/26


CIA to search bin Laden compound

(Washington Post) Pakistan has agreed to let a forensics team in to use sophisticated equipment to look for clues related to al-Qaeda in walls or underground, a sign of cooperation between the two spy services....5/27

G-8 Launches 'Arab Spring' Partnership

(Wall Street Journal) The Group of Eight leading industrialized nations launched a partnership with "Arab Spring" countries in transition Friday, directing multilateral development banks to take the lead in coordinating the provision of aid of over $20 billion to Egypt and Tunisia....5/27

Other Stories

The New Science Of Understanding Dog Behavior

(NPR) What's the best advice to give man about respecting man's best friend? Animal behaviorist John Bradshaw says it's realizing that dogs are neither wolves nor furry humans and that dog owners have certain responsibilities to make sure their dogs are psychologically healthy....5/26

energy & science policy

National Academy of Sciences Issues Report Calling for Action on Climate Change

(AIP Bulletin) The Committee on America's Climate Choices issued its final report this month, stating that "Climate change is occurring, is very likely caused by human activities, and poses significant risks for a broad range of human and natural systems."...5/26

science & technology

Japanese scientist: Fukushima meltdown occurred within hours of quake

(Washington Post) Nuclear fuel at the Fukushima Daiichi power plant began melting five hours after Japan's March 11 quake....5/26

Moon's interior water casts doubt on formation theory

(BBC) An analysis of sediments brought back by the Apollo 17 mission has shown that the Moon's interior holds far more water than previously thought....5/27

NASA's Hubble Finds Rare 'Blue Straggler' Stars in the Milky Way's Hub

(Science Daily) NASA's Hubble Space Telescope has found a rare class of oddball stars called blue stragglers in the hub of our Milky Way, the first detected within our galaxy's bulge....5/25

The Return of Sonar Boy

(Slate) America learns, yet again, that humans can echolocate. Why are certain scientific discoveries made over and over?...5/26

Nation's 'front yard' gets green grass makeover

(USA Today) Midway between the Washington Monument and the U.S. Capitol, Murray Cook kicks the concrete-hard dirt on the National Mall and shakes his head....5/27

The Man Who Swims With Coelacanths

(Wired) The coelacanths of the Comoros Islands, along with another population discovered in Indonesia, are celebrities of the animal kingdom, and nobody has spent more time with them than Hans Fricke....5/27