Thursday, May 29, 2014
ORNL in the News

Local Motors opens on Market Square

(Knoxville News Sentinel) An innovative manufacturing company with ties to Oak Ridge National Laboratory opened a Market Square storefront on Wednesday. Local Motors is an Arizona-based firm that uses a crowdsourcing design strategy and micro-manufacturing facilities to build new vehicle concepts...5/28

A tipping point for lignin

(PhysOrg) Led by Art Ragauskas, the newly appointed Oak Ridge National Laboratory-University of Tennessee Governor's Chair in Biorefining, a multi-institutional team of researchers offers a new view of an organic polymer often dismissed as a worthless by-product. Their perspective appears in Science magazine as "Lignin Valorization: Improving Lignin Processing in the Biorefinery."...5/19

A time of change for Oak Ridge museum

(Knoxville News Sentinel) ...Oak Ridge National Laboratory has held the lead role in managing the museum since 2000 and has vigorously renewed efforts for change over the past year or so. UT-Battelle, the federal contractor that manages ORNL, shares the financial responsibility with DOE’s other major contractors in Oak Ridge — B&W Y-12 at Y-12 and URS-CH2M Oak Ridge...5/27

The M855A1 Cartridge: A Long Time Coming

(American Rifleman) The M855A1 cartridge is the Army’s fourth version of a lead-free 5.56 mm projectile, capping a 15-year effort that quite likely consumed $100 million...Its first lead-free offering carried a tungsten-tin bullet developed at Oak Ridge National Laboratory...5/28

Science and Technology

Obama Meets Scientists, One Age 6

(NY Times) A teenage girl was inspired after dropping her cellphone to create concussion-reducing cushions for football helmets. A team of Girl Scout Brownies designed a bridge that could withstand flooding. And an adolescent boy in a suit and tie told President Obama about his pending patents...5/27

New material that prevents plastic from ageing offers huge environmental, cost savings for energy industry

(PhysOrg) When applied to plastic lining this new technology for plastic can clean up exhaust gases from power plants much more effectively than existing methods...5/29

Energy and Science Policy

House Research Subcommittee Discusses Nanotechnology

(AIP) The Research Subcommittee of the House Science, Space and Technology Committee held a hearing on May 20 during which Members examined nanotechnology research and development and discussed the National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI)...5/27

President Said to Be Planning to Use Executive Authority on Carbon Rule

(NY Times) President Obama will use his executive authority to cut carbon emissions from the nation’s coal-fired power plants by up to 20 percent, according to people familiar with his plans, and will force industry to pay for the pollution it creates through cap-and-trade programs across the country...5/28


Harnessing the Power of Data, Technology and Innovation for a Clean Energy Economy

( Today, the White House, the Energy Department and the General Services Administration are teaming up to host an Energy Datapalooza, highlighting important new steps in the public and private sectors to leverage data and innovation in ways that promote a clean energy economy in America...5/28

House Energy Panel Questions Gasoline Reserve

(CSPNet) Despite a briefing by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), Republicans on the House Energy Committee remain unsatisfied about the management details of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) and an emergency, one-million-barrel gasoline reserve planned for the Northeast...5/28

DoE initiative aims to advance solar industry

(Renewable Energy Focus) $10 million allocated for six new research and development projects that will push innovative concentrating solar power technologies...5/28

Storing wind-generated electricity as fuels means catalysts must avoid low energy states

(PhysOrg) When it comes to driving reactions to store electrons from wind turbines in the chemical bonds of use-any-time fuels, the path the catalyst takes matters...5/29

WWII-era crash site rediscovered at Idaho National Laboratory

(Idaho Statesman) Seventy years later, researchers are piecing together the story of the downed flight crew. In March, archaeologists at the Idaho National Laboratory pinpointed the location of Aircraft 42-73365 - a consolidated B-24J Liberator bomber that crashed in the Arco desert during a 1944 training mission...5/26

Local and STate

County officials approve new contract on air quality testing

(Knoxville News Sentinel) Knox County officials have approved a new company for air quality testing after conditions at a state laboratory placed three years of data in question...5/29

Kraken Refining Earthquake Models

(Tennessee Today) Californian and Swiss researchers have been using the Kraken supercomputer to model what would happen if a major earthquake hit the southern portion of the San Andreas Fault. The entire fault extends more than 800 miles, from San Francisco to Southern California...5/27