Tuesday, June 4, 2013
ORNL in the News

Moniz gets a broad look at DOE's Oak Ridge work

(Knoxville News Sentinel) One of the reasons newly confirmed Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz chose Oak Ridge for the first official visit of his tenure was the diversity of operations...6/3

Energy secretary meets with lab directors, tours ORNL, Y-12

(Oak Ridge Today) During a short trip to Oak Ridge this week, new Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz toured Oak Ridge National Laboratory, planned to visit the Y-12 National Security Complex, and met with lab directors and deputy directors from across the country...6/3

What about the UT-Battelle contract, Mr. Secretary?

(Knoxville News Sentinel) During the media session today, I asked Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz about the management contract at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, which has been held by UT-Battelle since 2000...6/3

New energy secretary makes Oak Ridge 1st field visit; cites 'panorama' of DOE's work

(Knoxville News Sentinel) ...Before having dinner with the lab directors on Sunday evening, [Ernest] Moniz took side trips to ORNL's High Flux Isotope Reactor and Building 3019, which houses a large stockpile of fissionable and highly radioactive uranium-233 -- the focus of a half-a-billion-dollar disposal project that is both challenging and controversial....6/3

New Energy Secretary Moniz visits Tenn. nuclear weapons plant where protesters broke in

(AP) ...Ernest Moniz, who was sworn in last month, made the Oak Ridge National Laboratory his first official trip in office. Later in the day he planned to visit the Y-12 National Security Complex, which was broken into by a nun and two other protesters last year...6/3


Here's what Moniz said about Y-12/Pantex contract

(Knoxville News Sentinel) There has been a swirl of rumors and unconfirmed reports about the Y-12/Pantex combined contract and what actions may be taken by the National Nuclear Security Administration to close the deal (following protests on the $22B contract award and the Government Accountability Office partly upholding the protests)...6/3

State & Regional

State puts up traps to catch emerald ash borers

(AP) State and federal agriculture officials are tracking how far the emerald ash borer has advanced. The research involves hanging purple triangular traps in trees across Tennessee...6/3

TVA eyes building 2 smaller reactors on the Clinch River in Oak Ridge

(Times Free Press) The next new nuclear reactor for TVA may be built in a factory and shipped to the Tennessee Valley in a truck or railcar...6/3


U.S. missile defense system to remain in Jordan after training exercise there

(Washington Post) The Pentagon has decided to leave a sophisticated missile defense system in Jordan after it is used in a training exercise there, officials said Monday, a move that could position the U.S. military to play a more assertive role in the outcome of Syria’s civil war...6/3

East Tennessee

UT unveils colorful new energy-efficient buses

(Knoxville News Sentinel) The University of Tennessee has taken on the mantra of “Big Orange, Big Ideas” and on Monday, the ideas became a reality. The university unveiled a fleet of 20 new, energy-efficient buses that immediately will go into service as the primary transportation on campus...6/3

energy & science policy

Obama Administration Seeks To Loosen Antibiotic Approvals

(NPR) Every day in hospitals all over America, thousands of patients die of infections that used to be curable. But the antibiotics used to treat them aren't working any more...6/4

science & technology

Scientists create novel silicon electrodes that improve lithium-ion batteries

(PhysOrg) Stanford University scientists have dramatically improved the performance of lithium-ion batteries by creating novel electrodes made of silicon and conducting polymer hydrogel, a spongy material similar to that used in contact lenses and other household products...6/4

Printing Innovations Provide 10-Fold Improvement in Organic Electronics

(Science Daily) Through innovations to a printing process, researchers have made major improvements to organic electronics -- a technology in demand for lightweight, low-cost solar cells, flexible electronic displays and tiny sensors...6/2

This Is What Happens When a Galaxy Runs Out of Gas

(The Atlantic) The Virgo Cluster is the nearest large galaxy collection to the Local Group, the group that includes the Milky Way. It contains some 1,000 galaxies. Deep inside it, there's a galaxy to which humans have given a practical yet clunky name: IC3418...6/3

Italian scientists fight back on animal testing

(Nature) About 300 researchers and students from around Italy demonstrated in Milan on 1 June to increase awareness of the need for lab animals in biomedical research...6/3

30 under 30: Powering the Future with Sunlight

(Scientific American) Each year hundreds of the best and brightest researchers gather in Lindau, Germany, for the Nobel Laureate Meeting. There, the newest generation of scientists mingles with Nobel Prize winners and discusses their work and ideas...6/4

Other Stories

China tried to convince North Korea to give up nuclear tests

(Reuters) China told an envoy of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un that Pyongyang should stop conducting nuclear and missile tests, but the North showed little sign of heeding the request, said a source with knowledge of the talks held late last month...6/4

More Midwest Twisters: Why Is Oklahoma Tornado Vexed?

(National Geographic News) A second wave of deadly tornadoes and thunderstorms that ripped through Oklahoma Friday night is not related to the colossal twister that tore through the same region less than two weeks ago, scientists say...6/1