Wednesday, June 5, 2013
ORNL in the News

Lonnie LoveWork underway at ORNL 'grows' components using a 3-D Printer

(Oak Ridger) "I think Oak Ridge can pave the way for a Renaissance in manufacturing in the United States," declared Lonnie Love, leader of the automation, robotics and manufacturing group at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. He spoke earlier at a Friends of ORNL meeting...6/4

Story Tips for June, 2013

(Science Codex) Air in the United States could be cleaner in years to come because of a laboratory researchers expect will help in the development of new standards for fuel economy and emissions evaluations..."We can test virtually every parameter of light-duty vehicles to hybrid heavy-duty rigs and everything in between," said David Smith of Oak Ridge National Laboratory's Energy and Transportation Science Division...6/3


Jonathan SilverExclusive: Ex-head of clean energy loan program breaks silence

(Fortune) Jonathan Silver was hired in November 2009 to run the U.S. Department of Energy's $34 billion loan guarantee program, which was started under President Bush but super-charged under President Obama as part of the economic stimulus...6/3

Former Operator of Gaseous Diffusion Plants Sues Department of Energy

(Huntington News) United States Enrichment Corp. (USEC), the same company asking for billions in loan guarantees for the American Centrifuge facility in Portsmouth, Ohio, filed a suit against the Department of Energy for $38 million in unpaid bills...6/4

State & Regional

Internet tax might cut other taxes

(The Tennessean) If Congress allows states to collect sales taxes from Internet sales, Gov. Bill Haslam and leaders of the Tennessee legislature would like to put some of the new revenue generated toward reducing current state taxes...6/3


U.S. blacklists global network of Iranian 'front' companies

(Reuters) A global network of private companies were blacklisted by the United States on Tuesday for providing revenue to the Iranian government's leadership and helping it evade the pinch from international sanctions on Tehran's nuclear program, the U.S. Treasury Department said...6/4

U.S.-China Meeting’s Aim: Personal Diplomacy

(The New York Times) When Tom Donilon, President Obama’s national security adviser, met with President Xi Jinping in Beijing last week to discuss his coming visit to the United States, China’s newly minted leader told him he wanted a conversation with Mr. Obama that did not involve diplomatic talking points...6/4

East Tennessee

Knoxville RiverfrontMassive redevelopment project planned in South Knoxville

(WATE) Multiple high rises, a riverfront walk, a hotel and apartments to house more than 1,000 people are among the plans included in a large redevelopment project on the South Knoxville waterfront...6/4

science & technology

China lifts the lid on new supercomputer

( Details are emerging about a Chinese supercomputer that is headed to becoming the world's fastest. The Chinese Tianhe-2 is being developed in the National Supercomputer Center in Guangzhou as the successor to the Tianhe-1A...6/4

Tensions grow as data-mining discussions fall apart

(Nature News) Disagreement between scientists and publishers has grown on a thorny issue: how to make it easier for computer programs to extract facts and data from online research papers. On 22 May, researchers, librarians and others pulled out of European Commission talks on how to encourage the techniques, known as text mining and data mining...6/4

KNM-ER1470A Grassy Trend in Human Ancestors' Diets

(Science Daily) Most apes eat leaves and fruits from trees and shrubs. New studies spearheaded by the University of Utah show that human ancestors expanded their menu 3.5 million years ago, adding tropical grasses and sedges to an ape-like diet and setting the stage for our modern diet of grains, grasses, and meat and dairy from grazing animals...6/3

Other Stories

Watchdog: IRS enjoy luxury rooms at conference

(AP) Already under siege, the IRS was cited by a government watchdog for a $4.1 million training conference featuring luxury rooms and free drinks, even as conservative figures told Congress Tuesday they had been abused for years while seeking tax-exempt status...6/4

Tornado in OklahomaDeadly Okla. tornado widest on record, rare EF5

(USA Today) The National Weather Service reported Tuesday that the killer tornado that struck near Oklahoma City last Friday was a ferocious EF5 twister, which had winds that neared 295 mph...6/4

Out there

tube travelSan Francisco to NYC in 45 minutes? Maybe!

(SF Gate) Since Elon Musk (the mind behind Tesla Motors and SpaceX) quipped about a new "hyperloop" high speed transportation system last week, futurists and techies have been abuzz about a new mode of transportation that could eclipse air travel one day—cutting travel time between San Francisco and New York to just 45 minutes, or between New York and Beijing to just two hours...6/4