Thursday, June 5, 2014
ORNL in the News

Facial Recognition: From the NSA to Facebook to Vegas

(Market Place) ...“The NSA and CIA have quite openly been working with facial recognition technology at least for the past 20 years,” says Chris Green, chief technology analyst at the Davies Murphy Group...“I would have to guess its 70 percent or higher government dollars,” says Chris Boehnen, who leads the Secure Computer Vision Team at Oak Ridge National Laboratory...6/2

Engineered Microbe Could Ease Switch to Grass

(The Scientist) Researchers from the University of Georgia and at Tennessee’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory have engineered the thermophilic bacterium Caldicellulosiruptor bescii to directly convert switchgrass into ethanol, according to a study published today (June 2) in PNAS...6/2

Startup company licenses ORNL tool that will help consumers lower energy bills

(Oak Ridge Today) Knoxville-based Fiveworx has licensed an Oak Ridge National Laboratory technology that will help consumers reduce their utility bills by analyzing their home energy usage...6/4

Pursuing the dream of 3-D printing an entire car chassis

(Plastics News) Oak Ridge National Laboratory is pushing the bounds of 3-D printing — working with an Ohio machinery company to print a full-size car chassis from carbon-fiber reinforced plastics this fall at the International Manufacturing Technology Show...6/4

Science and Technology

Automating Cybersecurity

(NY Times) A Defense Department agency is holding a contest to encourage programmers to create automation tools to find flaws in computer systems, like ones that make data vulnerable to theft...6/2

Hatcheries May Be Wrecking Fishes’ Sense of Direction

(Wired) Salmon and ocean-going trout are famous for their ability to return to the streams of their birth after years at sea...6/5

Silicon alternatives key to future computers, consumer electronics

(PhysOrg) Researchers are reporting key milestones in developing new semiconductors to potentially replace silicon in future computer chips and for applications in flexible electronics...6/5

Energy and Science Policy

House Passes FY 2015 Funding Bill for NASA, NIST, NOAA, and NSF

(AIP) “A primary area of focus in the bill this year is scientific research, innovation and competitiveness. Investing in basic research is key to growth and job creation, and it is the foundation for the economic security of future generations which enables us to stay ahead of China.” So said Frank Wolf (R-VA), Chairman of the House Commerce, Justice, Science Appropriations Subcommittee...6/3


NNSA adopts Red Team's alternative to UPF

(Knoxville News Sentinel) The top federal official overseeing the nation’s nuclear weapons complex confirmed Wednesday that the government plans to adopt an alternative strategy for upgrading and modernizing the uranium operations at the Y-12 National Security Complex in Oak Ridge...6/5

Y-12 fulfills major milestone in fuel conversion commitment for Jamaican research reactor

(Oak Ridge Today) The Y-12 National Security Complex recently fulfilled its commitment to provide low-enriched uranium, or LEU, as feedstock to fuel the “Safe LOW-POwer Kritical Experiment” (SLOWPOKE) research reactor in Kingston, Jamaica...6/4

Power Africa’s Beyond the Grid Increasing Access through Small- Scale Energy Solutions

( Today, the U.S. Government is formally launching an innovative framework under President Obama’s Power Africa initiative to increase energy access for underserved populations across sub-Saharan Africa...6/3

Local and STate

TVA should not be sold, study concludes

(Chattanooga Times Free-Press) Selling TVA wouldn’t do much, if anything, to limit the federal debt, but it could push electric rates higher in the Tennessee Valley, according to an outside financial review of the America’s biggest government utility...6/4

New pest targeting Tennessee fruit crops

(WBIR-TV) Some of East Tennessee's fresh fruits face a relatively new threat. The spotted wing drosophila (SWD) is a vinegar fly native to southeast Asia. It was first detected in California in 2008; by 2011, SWD reached blueberries in East Tennessee...6/4

Could Nissan's Smyrna plant become world's largest auto plant?

(Tennessean) ...As production expands, the Smyrna facility is on the verge of becoming the top-producing auto plant in the world, said Fred Diaz, vice president for sales, marketing and operations for Franklin-based Nissan North America...6/4