Wednesday, June 6, 2012
ORNL in the News

Baroness visits ORNL

Bryony Worthington(Knoxville News Sentinel) Baroness Bryony Worthington of the British House of Lords and head of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Thorium Energy visited Oak Ridge National Laboratory on Monday...6/5

No lions, no tigers — but bears? … Oh, My!

(Oak Ridger) Simply by roaming through Oak Ridge, two bears got a free ride to Scott County. The first bear removed from Oak Ridge was on Friday morning after being captured near the Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s High Flux Isotope Reactor...6/6


K-25 countdown: Dept. of Energy's 'final' MOA will go out within few days

(Knoxville News Sentinel) More than a couple of weeks have passed since the Department of Energy hosted the preservation parties in Oak Ridge in a last-gasp effort to achieve consensus on a plan that would allow DOE to demolish the Manhattan Project landmark K-25 building and still satisfy the interests of historic preservationists and the legal commitments under the National Historic Preservation Act...6/5

Department Of Energy Launches New Cleantech Committee

(Renew Grid) The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has formed a new interagency advisory committee designed to accelerate the deployment of innovative products and technologies in the federal sector...6/5

State & Regional

United Way donates toys, books to Chattanooga rec center

(Tennessean) When vandals broke into the Westside Recreation Center last summer, they dumped nearly all of its children’s books into a pile and poured cleaning solution over them...6/6

Gov. Haslam signs grocery tax reduction bill

(WBIR) During a visit to Marion County on Monday, Governor Haslam signed into law the grocery tax reduction bill. It decreases the tax rate on sale of food from 5.5 percent to 5.25 percent...6/4


Veterans Pension Program Is Being Abused, Report Says

(New York Times) A yearlong investigation into a federal pension program for low-income veterans has concluded that weak oversight and unclear rules have made the system ripe for abuse, including by financial planners and lawyers who help well-off retirees qualify for benefits by transferring or hiding assets...6/5

Most state economies still recovering after recession

(USA Today) The residents of only nine states have returned their economic output to the level that existed before the downturn struck at the end of 2007 — and most of those states are energy producers, according to data released Tuesday...6/5

East Tennessee

Ground broke for new Roane State Community College building

(WATE) Roane State Community College will soon have a new building at its Oak Ridge campus. The groundbreaking ceremony was held Monday for the college's new "Allied Health Sciences and Technology" building...6/5

Letting the sun shine in: 2 TVA linked companies in top 3 for solar power

(Volunteer TV) Two power companies within TVA's service area finished second and third in the nation for growth in sun-generated electricity last year, according Solar Electric Power Association (SEPA) Utility Solar Rankings...6/5

science & technology

Dinosaurs Skinnier Than Previously Thought

Brachiosaurus(Discovery News) Dinosaurs were often hefty, but not as plump as previously thought. A new study describes a new technique used to measure the weight and size of dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals...6/5

7 supercomputers changing the world

(Mother Nature News) Forget the evil Skynet from “The Terminator”: Many of the supercomputers in our world are working for the good of humanity...The U.S. Department of Energy’s Jaguar supercomputer, located at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee, is undergoing a massive upgrade that will be finished in late 2012...6/5

IceCube catches high-energy neutrino oscillations

IceCube neutrino detector(Nature News) The IceCube Neutrino Observatory, a telescope at the South Pole that detects the subatomic particles known as neutrinos, has measured the highest-energy neutrino oscillations yet...6/6

With New Prediction Algorithm, a Patient's Past Foretells His Medical Future

(Popular Science) An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, the saying goes, and a new algorithm will test that formula by predicting what will be wrong with a patient in the future, based on his or her past — and that of everyone else...6/5

Nuclear Weapon Simulations Show Performance in Molecular Detail

(Science Daily) U.S. researchers are perfecting simulations that show a nuclear weapon's performance in precise molecular detail, tools that are becoming critical for national defense because international treaties forbid the detonation of nuclear test weapons...6/5

Other Stories

China tells US to stop reporting Beijing's bad air

(Phys.Org) China told foreign embassies Tuesday to stop publishing their own reports on air quality in the country, escalating its objections to a popular U.S. Embassy Twitter feed that tracks pollution in smoggy Beijing...6/5