Thursday, June 9, 2011
ORNL in the News

Neutron analysis explains dynamics behind best thermoelectric materials

( Neutron analysis of the atomic dynamics behind thermal conductivity is helping scientists at the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory gain a deeper understanding of how thermoelectric materials work. The analysis could spur the development of a broader range of products with the capability to transform heat to electricity...6/6

Tennessee Gets Solar-Assist EV Chargers

(Earth Tech) The U.S. Department of Energy recently celebrated the installation of twenty-five solar-assisted charging stations at its Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee. The units are part of a larger, 125 station program that the DOE is partnering with companies, like Nissan, to complete by the spring of 2012...6/7


Department of Energy Announces up to $70 Million to Advance Technology and Reduce Cost of Geothermal Energy

(DOE Press Release) In support of President Obama's goal of generating 80% of the country's electricity from clean energy sources by 2035, U.S. Department of Energy Secretary Steven Chu today announced the availability of up to $70 million in new funding over three years for technology advancements in geothermal energy to accelerate development of this promising clean energy resource...6/8


Thursday meeting set, then canceled on DOE changes

(Oak Ridger) A special City Council meeting has been scheduled for Thursday evening to discuss changes at DOE's Oak Ridge Office that some local officials worry could lead to job losses...6/8

Y-12 gives $10K for disaster relief

(Oak Ridger) Y-12 National Security Complex employees raised $10,528 for disaster relief after spring storms brought flooding and tornadoes to Tennessee...6/8


New US-Russia arms race? Battle lines grow over missile defense.

(CS Monitor) Defense Secretary Gates and his Russian counterpart will sit down for high-level talks Thursday. US plans for antimissile deployments are spurring threats that Russia might withdraw from the New START nuclear treaty...6/8

East Tennessee

Insect deadly for ash trees found in Blount Co.

(WBIR-TV) ...Officials worry the Emerald Ash Borer could kill millions of trees across our state. The insect targets ash trees and has already killed many around the country in the past 20 years...6/8

State & Regional

Recalling TVA's Nuclear Missteps

(Metro Pulse) [Opinion] By the late 1960s, TVA had a large cadre of construction workers who had built huge transmission lines across mountains, built dams and coal-fired plants to produce electricity. It seemed perfectly reasonable for the TVA board to proceed to keep these people busy by building nuclear power plants...6/8

energy & science policy

New Developments in Yucca Mountain Controversy

(AIP) ...The report provides a dispassionate review of actions taken since 1983 to secure spent nuclear fuel, a process which GAO estimates has cost ratepayers and taxpayers almost $15 billion...7/19

Inside Energy Extra

6/8 A daily report on U.S. energy policy
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- US to extend 1,400 Gulf of Mexico leases
- Oil find warrants faster US action: API
- IEA ready to coordinate oil-stockpile use
- Markey calls again for oil-stockpile release
- Republicans push energy amendments

science & technology

Computer security: Is this the start of cyberwarfare?

(Nature News) ...A study last year by the JASON group, which advises the US government on science and technology matters, including defence, found broad challenges for cybersecurity...6/8

Ecologists: Time to End Invasive-Species Persecution

(Wired Science) ... “People like to have an enemy, and vilifying non-native species makes the world very simple,” said ecologist Mark Davis of Macalester University. “The public got sold this nativist paradigm: Native species are the good ones, and non-native species are bad. It’s a 20th century concept, like wilderness, that doesn’t make sense in the 21st century....6/8

Electric Vehicle Battery Runs on Goo

(Discovery News) The new concept could make refueling as quick and easy as pumping gas into a conventional car...6/8

Other Stories

Iran Says It Will Speed Up Uranium Enrichment

(NY Times) Iran declared Wednesday that it planned this year to triple production of its most concentrated form of nuclear fuel, expanding its manufacturing efforts to a mountainous, once secret nuclear site buried deep underground. Atomic experts worry that the production of more concentrated fuel could bring Iran closer to the ability to rapidly make weapons-grade uranium for a bomb...6/8

Coming to an Airport Near You: Iris Scanners

(The Atlantic) ...New technology discussed Tuesday at the annual meeting of the International Air Transport Association would get rid of [current] scanners -- and cut your average wait time down from 35 minutes to zero minutes...6/8