Thursday, June 10, 2010
ORNL in the News

Bacteria From Hot Springs Reveal Clues To Evolution Of Early Life And To Unlock Biofuels' Potential

(Red Orbit) A bacteria that lives in hot springs in Japan may help solve one of the mysteries of the early evolution of complex organisms, according to a study publishing next week in PLoS Biology. It may also be the key to 21st century biofuel production...[Alan] Lambowitz and [Georg] Mohr are already working with scientists at Oak Ridge National Laboratory to see if they can successfully genetically engineer thermophilic bacteria for increased biofuel production...6/9

Fish Appear Healthy After TVA Ash Spill

( Fish exposed to fly ash at the site of the Tennessee Valley Authority coal ash spill are faring better than some expected, researchers have learned. Oak Ridge National Laboratory in collaboration with TVA has found that while small amounts of some contaminants from the December 2008 fly ash spill have been taken up by fish in the Clinch and Emory rivers, to-date, the fish collected downstream from the spill appear healthy relative to fish from unimpacted sites. ...6/9


NNSA, Russian officials visit Y-12

(Oak Ridger) A Russian delegation has visited the Y-12 National Security Complex in an effort aimed at sharing best practices in nuclear security. The National Nuclear Security Administration announced the Oak Ridge visit by a delegation of U.S. Department of Energy and State Atomic Energy Corp. ''Rosatom'' officials after it occurred last week...6/9

Secretary Chu Letter to Senator Lugar

(DOE Press Release) U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu sent the following letter to Senator Richard Lugar today regarding Senator Lugar's "Practical Energy and Climate Plan Act of 2010."...6/9



Bernanke Issues Deficit Warning

(Wall Street Journal) The U.S. economy should continue to grow this year and next, but the pace won't be strong enough to fix the job market and cut a huge budget deficit, the Federal Reserve chief said Wednesday....6/9

State & Regional

Bill would add 20,000 acres to wilderness

(Knoxville News Sentinel) Tennessee Sens. Lamar Alexander and Bob Corker on Wednesday introduced legislation that would add almost 20,000 acres of wilderness to the Cherokee National Forest across six East Tennessee counties...6/10

Mountaintop removal ban fails in Tennessee Senate

(Tennessean) An attempt to revive a bill that would ban "mountaintop removal" coal mining in Tennessee failed in the state Senate today...6/9

energy & science policy

Senate Plans June 10 Vote on Joint Resolution Invalidating EPA Findings on Greenhouse Gases

(AIP) On June 10 the Senate will consider Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s (R-AK) joint “resolution of disapproval” (S. J. Res. 26) that would invalidate the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) findings on the danger and harmful effects of greenhouse gases...6/9

Little Movement in Congressional Opposition to New Space Policy

(AIP) There is little apparent change in the level of congressional opposition to the Administration’s proposed space policy. Senate and House hearings by authorizing committees found minimal overt support for the new policy, and demonstrated wide-ranging and continuing opposition to the proposed termination of the Constellation Program...6/9

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science & technology

Why Do Women Leave Science And Engineering?

(Forbes) ...Are females exiting from science and engineering disproportionately? And if so, is this exodus simply a hallmark of male-dominated fields in general, or is it specific to science and engineering?...6/9

Biofuel's Water Problem

(Discovery News) ...Unfortunately, some of the places these crops are grown require irrigation, and when water enters the equation, biofuels are a lot less attractive than the stuff they’re replacing...6/9

What Will Happen To The Oil From The Gulf?

(NPR) As the Gulf states struggle to deal with the effects of the oil spill, they're facing a new challenge: a mountain of waste from the cleanup effort. Anything that is contaminated with oil — from seawater to workers' clothing — has to be treated as potentially hazardous...6/9

Other Stories

Iran Warns of ‘Reduced’ Ties With U.N. Inspectors

(NY Times) One day after the Security Council approved new sanctions against them, the authorities in Tehran threatened on Thursday to revise their relationship with the United Nations’ nuclear watchdog, using familiar language that has in the past presaged moves to limit global oversight of Iran’s nuclear program...6/10

Reclusive Russian math genius is a no-show to pick up $1M prize money

(USA Today) A Russian reclusive math genius did not show up in Paris today to collect his $1 million prize for solving a math problem that has puzzled scientists for more than a century...6/9

Strong Initial Demand For Nissan’s Electric Leaf

(Wired Autotopia) Early demand for the Nissan Leaf electric vehicle is strong, with 6,635 people reserving cars in just three days — a figure that represents more than 10 percent of the Leafs Nissan will build in its first year of production...4/23