Friday, June 10, 2011
ORNL in the News

Bhaduri, Dai Named UT-Battelle Corporate Fellows

(Newswise) Budhendra Bhaduri and Sheng Dai of the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory have been named UT-Battelle corporate fellows in recognition of their outstanding contributions to their scientific and technical fields....6/9

Extraordinary archival film shows construction of Oak Ridge during WWII Manhattan Project

(Knoxville News Sentinel) [Video] Color film footage uncovered in recent months at Oak Ridge National Laboratory includes extraordinary scenes of construction workers busy building production plants, support facilities and the town site that were essential to US. development of the first atomic bomb....6/9

Physicists hit on mathematical description of superfluid dynamics

(University of Washington) The challenge was to formulate the proper mathematical problem and then find a computer that could work through the problem as the number of variable changes reached 1 trillion or more. To reach its solution, the team in the last year used the Jaguar computer at Oak Ridge National Laboratory....6/9

Unique Polish Detector Can Observe Rare Decays of Nickel Nuclei

(Science Daily) Polish scientists from the Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw, have built a unique detector that has made it possible to observe atypical decays of one of the isotopes of nickel. The experiment was conducted at the National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory in Michigan with the collaboration of the University of Tennessee and Oak Ridge National Laboratory....6/9


Secretary Chu, Senator Reid Announce Department of Energy Conditional Commitment for a Loan Guarantee for Nevada Geothermal Project

(DOE Press Release) U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid today announced the offer of a conditional commitment to provide a partial guarantee for a $350 million loan for a geothermal power generation project....6/9

East Tennessee

Oak Ridge nears its 'Independence Day'

(Oak Ridger) This is the story of how the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission transformed the war-time built, temporary "Secret City" of Oak Ridge into one Oak Ridgers were willing to take over from the government -- own, run, and pay for....6/9


Gates says NATO outlook dim; future president may decide it's not worth the money

(Washington Post) In his final policy speech as Pentagon chief, U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates questioned the viability of NATO, saying its members' penny-pinching and lack of political will could hasten the end of U.S. support....6/10

Other Stories

How To Put A New Element On The Periodic Table

(NPR) Two new elements were officially added to the periodic table this month. The elements were discovered years ago, but they needed approval from an international committee before they could be placed on the famous chart....6/10

energy & science policy

Germany's 'make-or-break' energy experiment

(Washington Post) Germany's ambitious plan to eliminate nuclear power over the next decade has energized environmentalists, but the country faces a tricky task if it wants to keep its promise to reduce greenhouse gases that cause global warming, analysts say....6/10

CIA chief Leon Panetta: The next Pearl Harbor could be a cyberattack

(Christian Science Monitor) Leon Panetta, at a confirmation hearing for the post of Defense secretary, says the US will need to take 'both defensive ... as well as aggressive measures' to deal with the threat of cyberattack....6/9

science & technology

This Week's Solar Flare Illuminates the Grid's Vulnerability

(New York Times) A massive burst of solar wind that erupted from the sun Tuesday will preview what some experts call a potentially existential threat to the power grids of the United States and other nations, and the populations that depend on them....6/9

A big surprise from the edge of the solar system: magnetic bubbles

(PhysOrg) [Video] NASA's Voyager probes are truly going where no one has gone before. Gliding silently toward the stars, 9 billion miles from Earth, they are beaming back news from the most distant, unexplored reaches of the solar system....6/10

Can Evolution Outpace Climate Change? Tiny Seashore Animal Suggests Not

(Science Daily) The tide pool copepod Tigriopus californicus is found from Alaska to Baja California -- but in a unique lab study at UC Davis, the animals showed little ability to evolve heat tolerance over 10 generations....6/9

Many Exo-Earths May Have Exo-Moons

(Wired) As many as one in four Earthlike extrasolar planets should have a moon-like moon, new supercomputer simulations show....6/9

Electric Vehicle Battery Runs on Goo

(Discovery News) The new concept could make refueling electric car batteries as quick and easy as pumping gas into a conventional car....6/8

IBM Builds the First Graphene Integrated Circuit

(Popular Mechanics) Graphene, the material made of a single layer of carbon atoms, may be a step closer to reaching its potential: IBM researchers announced that they have created the first graphene integrated circuit. ...6/9