Monday, June 10, 2013
ORNL in the News

Deep Underground Germanium Detectors Deployed to Solve Antimatter Imbalance Mystery

(Science World) The Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory has begun delivery of germanium-76 detectors to an underground laboratory in South Dakota in a team research effort that might explain the puzzling imbalance between matter and antimatter generated by the Big Bang. "It might explain why we're here at all," said David Radford, who oversees specific ORNL activities in the Majorana Demonstrator research effort...5/30

3 ORNL staffers cited for vehicle technologies

(Knoxville News Sentinel) Scott Curran, Ron Graves and Janet Hopson, who work in Oak Ridge National Laboratory's Energy and Transportation Science Division, were cited for their accomplishments during an annual review by the Department of Energy's Vehicle Technologies Office...6/10


Another security lapse at Y-12; guards reportedly waved lost driver into the plant without a check

(Knoxville News Sentinel) In yet another embarrassing blow to Y-12 security, a lost driver was reportedly waved into the nuclear weapons plant without even a badge check on Thursday morning...6/7

Federal and Industry Partners Issue Challenge to Manufacturers

( A coalition that includes the U.S. federal government and over 200 major commercial building sector partners has issued a simple challenge to U.S. manufacturers: if you can build wireless sub-meters that cost less than $100 apiece and enable us to identify opportunities to save money by saving energy, we will buy them...6/7

State & Regional

Oregon film team points underwater camera at Southern Appalachians

(Knoxville News Sentinel) ...Monroe and Herasimtschuk are the team behind Freshwaters Illustrated, a nonprofit organization based in Corvallis, Ore., that uses underwater still photography and video to document the unseen — and often underappreciated — beauty of freshwater ecosystems across the U.S...6/10


U.S. and China Move Closer on North Korea, but Not on Cyberespionage

(NY Times) Even as they pledged to build “a new model” of relations, President Obama and President Xi Jinping of China ended two days of informal meetings here on Saturday moving closer on pressuring a nuclear North Korea and addressing climate change, but remaining sharply divided over cyberespionage and other issues that have divided the countries for years...6/8

Contractor Says He Is Source of NSA Leak

(Wall Street Journal) A 29-year-old government contractor publicly identified himself Sunday as the source of recent disclosures about secret National Security Agency data-gathering programs...6/10

East Tennessee

Environmental groups petition UT trustees to examine fracking proposal

(Knoxville News Sentinel) The Southern Environmental Law Center urged University of Tennessee trustees in a letter Thursday to review the school’s proposal to drill for oil and gas on university land in Morgan and Scott counties...6/7

UT seeks bids for fracking on its own land

(AP) The University of Tennessee is officially seeking bidders who want to drill natural gas wells on land it owns on the Cumberland Plateau...6/10

energy & science policy

Five Surprising Facts About Energy Poverty

(National Geographic News) The world needs to double or triple its current spending—estimated at about $400 billion a year—to meet the United Nations' goal of bringing clean and modern electricity to all people by 2030, says a new report by a wide group of international agencies led by the World Bank...5/29

Senate and House Subcommittees Examine NASA Spaceflight Opportunities and Challenges

(AIP) Space exploration has been the subject of many recent hearings in both the House and Senate in preparation for the upcoming reauthorization of bill for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)...6/7

California Nuclear Plant Slated For Permanent Shut Down

(NPR) California's San Onofre nuclear power plant will be shut down for good amid concerns as to whether it could be safely restarted after being offline since early last year because of a radiation leak...6/7

science & technology

Researchers replicate supershear earthquakes in the lab

(PhysOrg) A team of geology researchers working in France has for the first time recreated the conditions in a lab that lead to a phenomenon known as a supershear earthquake...6/7

Government plans to end remaining gray wolf protections across most of Lower 48

(AP) The Obama administration is proposing to end recovery efforts for gray wolves across most of the U.S. and return management to the states...6/7

Tianhe-2 supercomputer at 31 petaflops is title contender

(PhysOrg) How is this for bragging rights in the always-on title grab for the world's fastest supercomputer: China's Tianhe-2 supercomputer, aka Milkyway-2, recently measured at speeds of 31 petaflops (30.65) out of a theoretical peak of 49.19. The kicker is that it was not even running at full capacity...6/10

New Algorithms Force Scientists to Revise the Tree of Life

(Wired) When the British morphologist St. George Jackson Mivart published one of the first evolutionary trees in 1865, he had very little to go on...Now, nearly 150 years later, scientists have vast amounts of data with which to build so-called phylogenetic trees, the modern version of Mivart’s structure...6/7

Other Stories

Return of the Rocky Mountain high

(CS Monitor) Towns in the Mountain West, once held back by their isolated geography, are luring a new generation because of their scenic beauty. The hub of the 'Green Coast' movement: Bozeman, Montana...6/9