Monday, June 12, 2017
ORNL in the News

Wood Named Fellow by American Nuclear Society, Coble Honored

(Tennessee Today) Professor of Nuclear Engineering Richard Wood of the Tickle College of Engineering has been selected as a 2017 fellow of the American Nuclear Society, one of the highest honors a nuclear engineer can achieve...“Being inducted into the ANS as a fellow is very gratifying, both personally and professionally,” said Wood. “It’s a great reflection on the work we do here and with Oak Ridge National Laboratory...6/9

Climate data: Knox County could have 20-80 more days above 95 by 2100

(Oak Ridge Today) By 2100, Knox County could have 20-80 more days when the maximum temperature is above 95 degrees Fahrenheit, according to climate data used by the City of Knoxville and developed with help from Oak Ridge National Laboratory...6/8

Majorana FermionsNeutrons Zero in on the Elusive Magnetic Majorana Fermion

(R & D Magazine) A research team led by the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory has confirmed magnetic signatures likely related to Majorana fermions--elusive particles that could be the basis for a quantum bit, or qubit, in a two-dimensional graphene-like material, alpha-ruthenium trichloride...6/9

Container Revolution Enables Science Breakthroughs

(CIO Review) For the science community, there is a lot of excitement around the idea of using deep learning to help researchers find connections hidden within big data...One solution to make deep learning more accessible to science comes from the IT world's "container revolution...[n.d.]

Science and Technology

New form of carbon that's hard as a rock, yet elastic, like rubber

(Science Daily) A team including several Carnegie scientists has developed a form of ultrastrong, lightweight carbon that is also elastic and electrically conductive. A material with such a unique combination of properties could serve a wide variety of applications from aerospace engineering to military armor...6/9

Energy and Science Policy

DOE Urges National Academies Panel to ‘Be Bold’ in Fusion Strategic Plan

(AIP) At a time of considerable uncertainty for the U.S. fusion research community, the Department of Energy’s Office of Fusion Energy Sciences (FES) has asked the National Academies to develop a multi-decade strategy for the U.S. magnetically confined burning plasma research program...6/9



Trump’s plan to cut basic energy research finds an unlikely opponent: oil executives

(The Washington Post) A group of business leaders has sent a letter to the top Democrats and Republicans on the Appropriations committees urging them to maintain basic research funding, especially in energy, that President Trump has proposed to slash or eliminate...6/8

DOE Announces $6.9 Million for Research on Rare Earth Elements from Coal and Coal Byproducts

( The U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Office of Fossil Energy today announced it is investing $6.9 million in rare earth element (REE) research through two funding opportunities.  DOE announced today that three projects have been selected to receive approximately $3 million for research aimed at producing salable rare earth elements (REEs) from domestic coal and coal by-products...6/9

Energy Department Announces $15.8 Million Investment for Innovation in Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technologies

( Today, the U.S. Department of Energy(DOE) announced approximately $15.8 million for 30 new projects aimed at discovery and development of novel, low-cost materials necessary for hydrogen production and storage and for fuel cells onboard light-duty vehicles...6/8

Local and State

Record Number of UT Students Honored by American Nuclear Society

(Tennessee Today) The American Nuclear Society will bestow 11 scholarships on UT nuclear engineering students at its annual meeting in San Francisco on June 11. That number, a record for the department, is the latest sign of recognition of UT as a national leader in nuclear engineering education...6/9

The First State To Offer Free Community College To Nearly Every Adult

(NPR) The opportunity to go to college for free is more available than ever before. States and cities, in the last year especially, have funded programs for students to go to two-year, and in some cases, four-year, schools. Tennessee has taken the idea one step further. Community college is already free for graduating high school students...6/11