Wednesday, June 13, 2012
ORNL in the News

Dow Chemical Co. receives $9 million from Department of Energy for carbon fiber development

(M Live) The Dow Chemical Co. is getting some help from the government to create an energy- and cost-saving carbon fiber production method...Chris Swart of Dow Automotive Systems said Dow will partner with Ford Motor Co. and the Oak Ridge National Laboratory on the project with the aim of developing a lower cost carbon fiber production process that uses polyolefin in place of conventional polyacrylonitrile as the feedstock...6/12

Wonders of Flight attraction can't get helium; Pigeon Forge opening uncertain

(WBIR) A world-wide helium shortage has deflated the grand opening of the Wonders of Flight balloon ride in Sevier County..."We've been worried about that for some time because of various decisions that were made in the 1990s about how to manage the United States' stockpile of helium," said Kevin Jones, Ph.D., a scientist at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory...6/12



U.S. Reps. Markey, Burgess calls for GAO investigation of DOE's support of USEC

(Knoxville News Sentinel) U.S. Reps. Ed Markey, D-Mass., and Michael Burgess, R-Texas, today sent a letter to the GAO calling for an investigation of the Dept. of Energy's ongoing support of USEC and the American Centrifuge Project...6/12

Energy Department Announces New Investments in Innovative Manufacturing Technologies

( As part of the Obama Administration’s blueprint for an American economy built to last, the Energy Department today announced new investments that support American leadership and global competiveness in manufacturing...6/12

State & Regional

Tennessee recognized for economic development

(WVLT) Tennessee has been ranked among the best in economic development by a national publication. Area Development magazine picked the state for a 2012 Gold Shovel Award, along with Texas, South Carolina and Utah...6/13


Suspected Auburn shooter turns himself in to federal courthouse

(MSNBC) The man suspected of killing three people, including two former Auburn University football players, during a party Saturday night turned himself in Tuesday at a federal courthouse in Montgomery, Ala...6/12

East Tennessee

Knox low income energy assistance program runs out of funding

(WATE) For the time being, there's no funding available for a program that helps low-income residents of Knoxville and Knox County pay their utility bills...6/12

Expect the Unexpected?

Festival Sponsors(Oak Ridger) A tiara-wearing Oak Ridge National Laboratory director Thom Mason, second from right, hams it up in front of the cameras during a Secret City Festival Sponsors Appreciation Luncheon held Friday at Riverside Grill.

energy & science policy

Sending a Message: House Action on Yucca Mountain

(AIP) By a four-to-one-ratio, the House of Representatives passed an amendment to the FY 2013 Energy and Water Development Appropriations Bill to increase funding to study the suitability of the proposed nuclear waste repository at Yucca Mountain, Nevada...6/12

science & technology

New energy source for future medical implants: sugar

Glucose fuel cells(Phys.Org) MIT engineers have developed a fuel cell that runs on the same sugar that powers human cells: glucose. This glucose fuel cell could be used to drive highly efficient brain implants of the future, which could help paralyzed patients move their arms and legs again..6/13

Designing materials for the future

(Phys.Org) As energy demands rise, materials scientists are increasingly interested in developing longer-lasting materials for use in the next generation of advanced nuclear and fusion reactors...6/12

Putting Fear In Your Ears: What Makes Music Sound Scary

Jaws(NPR) DUH-duh...DUH-duh...DUH-duh! Like those ominous bars of music signaling the approaching shark in Jaws, some of the most recognizable film scores were designed to terrify us...6/12

Other Stories

China's emissions estimates don't add up

(Nature News) When Dabo Guan was studying the sources of carbon dioxide that were driving China to become the world’s top emitter of global-warming gases, he came across a puzzling mismatch...6/13

Thaw At Brain Bank Deals Setback To Autism Research

Brains in Storage(NPR) The details sound like something out of a bad science-fiction movie. A freezer storing human brains for research went on the fritz, and nobody at the Harvard Brain Tissue Resource Center knew for days...6/11