Thursday, June 17, 2010
ORNL in the News

Design Twist for Supercomputers: Flash Memory

(Wall Street Journal) It’s a heady time in high-performance computing, driven by rapid improvements in the chips that supply number-crunching power. The next target could be data storage...Using solid-state memory as an alternative to disk drives is not a new concept, notes Jack Dongarra, a supercomputer expert who is a computer science professor at the University of Tennessee and a researcher at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. The new wrinkle is adopting flash memory rather than specialized circuitry for that chore...6/15

SAE International's announces 2010 Forest R. McFarland Award winners

(PR Newswire) SAE International named 26 mobility engineering professionals as winners of the 2010 Forest R. McFarland Award...2010 award winners include: Michael L. Santella, senior research and development staff member, Oak Ridge National Laboratory...Robert M. Wagner, distinguished member of the research staff, Oak Ridge National Laboratory...6/15

Ultimate Surge Protector

(Newsblaze) On Aug. 14, 2003, more than 40 million people were plunged into darkness when electrical service failed in large portions of the Northeastern and Midwestern United States and Ontario, Canada....American Superconductor and its partner Southwire Company developed a 25-meter IFCL-HTS cable that was tested at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in 2009...The Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate is supporting a technological advance that could reduce the chances of similar blackouts occurring in the future...According to Dr. Christopher Rey, senior staff scientist at ORNL, the lab plans to test an improved version in the near future...6/16


U.S. Scientific Team Draws on New Data, Multiple Scientific Methodologies to Reach Updated Estimate of Oil Flows from BP's Well

(DOE Press Release) Based on updated information and scientific assessments, Secretary of Energy Steven Chu, Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar, and Chair of the National Incident Command's Flow Rate Technical Group (FRTG) Dr. Marcia McNutt (Director of the U.S. Geological Survey) today announced an improved estimate of how much oil is flowing from the leaking BP well...6/15

'Greener' Y-12 steam plant

(Oak Ridger) A new, more efficient steam plant at the Y-12 National Security Complex will significantly reduce emissions and waste, officials said at a Tuesday ceremony...6/16

UPF 'proceeding well' but a little concern about FY2011 funding

(Knoxville News Sentinel) "We've got a fully staffed up design team," Kohlhorst said during a short interview Tuesday before an event to celebrate Y-12's new steam plant. "We're about 42 percent design complete at this stage...6/16


U.S. Imposes New Penalties on Iran

(NY Times) The Obama administration, seeking to build on the momentum of the Iran resolution passed last week by the United Nations, announced Wednesday that it had imposed sanctions on more than a dozen Iranian companies and individuals with links to the country’s nuclear and missile programs...6/16

East Tennessee

Newsweek ranks ORHS No. 1 in area; 849th in U.S.

(Oak Ridger) Oak Ridge High School has been ranked No. 849 in the nation in the annual Newsweek selection of the best high schools in the country, according to information released Monday afternoon...6/15

Funds for OR airport study OK'd

(Knoxville News Sentinel) The Metropolitan Knoxville Airport Authority on Wednesday voted to move on to the second phase in a feasibility study to build the Oak Ridge General Aviation Airport...6/17

State & Regional

TVA rate increase could add $4 to utility bills

(The Tennessean) The Tennessee Valley Authority is raising rates for a fifth straight month due to higher fuel costs, adding up to $4 a month for residential customers...6/17

energy & science policy

Michigan Drives For A Battery-Powered Recovery

(NPR) On Monday, Vice President Joe Biden will attend the groundbreaking ceremony of a new $600 million advanced battery production plant. For people who have been following the growth of this industry — and tracking the billions of dollars the federal government has devoted to promoting it — it comes as no surprise that Biden will be heading to Michigan...6/16

Climate-energy bill cost for consumers: up to $146 a year

(CS Monitor) The EPA has released an economic analysis of the climate-energy bill that could give the legislation a boost...6/16

Inside Energy Extra

6/16 A daily report on U.S. energy policy
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-Utility execs note Obama silence on cap 
-FERC poised to unveil demand response plan
-Bill would boost clean-energy exports  
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-No energy bill without more cash: Landrieu
-BP agrees to $20B recovery fund

science & technology

New process is promising for hydrogen fuel cell cars

( A new process for storing and generating hydrogen to run fuel cells in cars has been invented by chemical engineers at Purdue University...6/16

Nationwide project lends new details on earthquakes

(USA Today) When it comes to studying earthquakes, Oregon State University geology professor Bob Lillie has a simple theory: The more that is known, the better people can prepare and protect themselves...6/16

Divert the Mississippi to Fight Oil Spill, Experts Say

(National Geographic News) Diverting the Mississippi River could protect Louisiana's coasts against some of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, scientists say...6/15

Other Stories

Nigeria: 'World oil pollution capital'

(BBC News) Visitors to the Nigerian village of Kpor, deep in the Niger Delta, are greeted by strange sights: silver frogs blink from gleaming puddles, sunlight bounces from an eerie black lake, and dragonflies hover over cauldrons of tar...6/15

Hot Ticket for the World's Biggest Passenger Jet

(Wall Street Journal) Before they ever leave New York's Kennedy Airport for Paris, tourists pose to take pictures in front of it, as though it were the Eiffel Tower or the Statue of Liberty. But this is not a monument, just a monumental airplane...6/17