Monday, June 19, 2017
ORNL in the News

US-China collaboration makes excellent start in optimizing lithium to control plasma

(PhysOrg) For fusion to generate substantial energy, the ultra-hot plasma that fuels fusion reactions must remain stable and kept from cooling...Leading the U.S. collaboration is the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL), together with co-principal investigators Los Alamos and Oak Ridge National Laboratories...6/15

Six Exascale PathForward Vendors Selected; DoE Providing $258M

(HPC Wire) The much-anticipated PathForward awards for hardware R&D in support of the Exascale Computing Project were announced today with six vendors selected – AMD, Cray, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), IBM, Intel, and NVIDIA...It now seems likely the first two exascale computing sites will be Argonne National Laboratory and Oak Ridge National Laboratory based on spikes in their facilities budget in the proposed FY 2018 DoE budget...6/15

Huffman Named Head of Physics Department

(Public Now) Paul Huffman, a prominent nuclear physicist who has been on the NC State faculty for more than a decade, has been named the new head of the university's Department of Physics...Huffman has a joint faculty appointment with Oak Ridge National Laboratory and serves as an associate director of the Triangle Universities Nuclear Laboratory (TUNL)...6/15

ORNL lays off 13 energy, environmental sciences employees

(WVLT TV) Oak Ridge National Laboratory laid off 13 employees from the Energy and Environmental Sciences Department. 10 of the positions were categorized as support positions and the other three spots were designated for research. A spokeswoman with ORNL told Local 8 News the lay offs are part of their efforts to improve efficiency and par for the course. There are currently no plans in place to refill the positions. No further layoffs are in the works, according to the same ORNL representative...6/15

Science and Technology

Swipe right for science: Papr app is ‘Tinder for preprints’

(Nature News) Inspired by the dating app Tinder, which asks users to ‘swipe right’ across their screens to approve prospective matches, an app called Papr is inviting scientists to swipe to rate life-sciences preprints. And like other recommendation algorithms, Papr also promises to learn from researchers’ choices so that it can supply them with preprints they’ll like...6/16



Energy and Science Policy

Leaders in High Energy Physics Identify Priorities amid Budgetary Uncertainty

(AIP) At this month’s meeting of the High Energy Physics Advisory Panel, Department of Energy and National Science Foundation officials outlined how they would prioritize funding under President Trump’s proposed budget cuts. It was also reported that there is interest in adding a decadal survey to the long-term planning process for high energy physics in the U.S...6/16



City of Oak Ridge extends DOE water contract

(The Knoxville News Sentinel) The City of Oak Ridge will continue to provide the Department of Energy with potable water through 2027, the Energy Department's Oak Ridge office announced Friday...6/16

U.S. Dept. of Energy Taps Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s Machine Research Project to Design Memory-Driven Supercomputer

(Nasdaq) Hewlett Packard Enterprise (NYSE:HPE) today announced it has been awarded a research grant from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to develop a reference design for an exascale supercomputer that will enable a broad set of modeling and simulation applications unachievable today, accelerating breakthroughs in science, medicine, technology, engineering and many other fields...6/15

Department of Energy to close climate technology office and eliminate 11 positions

(Business Insider) The Department of Energy is closing its Office of International Climate and Technology and will eliminate its 11 staff positions, according to a New York Times report Thursday. The small office first opened in 2010 and has worked with other countries in order to develop clean energy technology and reduce greenhouse gases...6/15

U.S. Department of Energy to Invest $12 Million to Advance Carbon Storage

(EIN Newsdesk) The U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Fossil Energy (FE) today announced the availability of $12 million to advance new geological carbon storage projects that enable safe, cost-effective, and permanent geologic storage of carbon dioxide (CO2)...[n.d.]

Local and State

National Park Service in Oak Ridge to move to Children’s Museum

(Oak Ridge Today) The National Park Service will move its visitor center and offices in Oak Ridge to the Children's Museum in October, officials said Friday. The National Park Service has a visitor center and offices in Oak Ridge as part of the Manhattan Project National Historical Park, a three-site park that was established in November 2015 after years of advocacy...6/16