Thursday, June 20, 2013
ORNL in the News

Combining materials to make nanoscale 2D electronic components

(Kurzweil AI News) Scientists at Rice University and Oak Ridge National Laboratory have advanced on the goal of achieving two-dimensional electronics with a method to control the growth of uniform atomic layers of molybdenum disulfide (MDS)...The hope is that MDS could be joined with graphene to form field-effect transistors, integrated logic circuits, photodetectors and flexible optoelectronics...6/19

Study finds moderate biofuel blends increase benefits of RCCI in light-duty engines

(Green Car Congress) Preliminary results from a new study by a team from Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the University of Wisconsin suggest that the fuel properties of moderate biofuel blends such as E20 and B20 increase the benefits of the use of Reactivity Controlled Compression Ignition (RCCI)...6/19


US Energy Department creates cybersecurity council

(Infosecurity Magazine) The US Department of Energy is tackling cybersecurity for its various branches, including the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA), with a new cybersecurity council tasked with formulating best practices in the security arena...6/17

State & Regional

NovaCopy uses 3-D printing to save duck's life

(The Tennessean) Engineers at NovaCopy Inc. didn’t think saving the life of a disabled duck would be a project they would encounter during the rise of 3-D printing...6/18

Fiat-Chrysler CEO hints Tennessee could be home for headquarters

(The Tennessean) Would Fiat-Chrysler Sergio Marchionne seriously consider moving the combined company’s headquarters to Tennessee once the merger of the two automakers is completed?...6/18



Generation Dropout: Millennials Joining the Workforce Are Less Educated Than Retiring Boomers

(The Atlantic) The U.S. is the only developed nation where the newest wave of employees is less educated than their parents...6/18

Head of revived watchdog pledges open look at U.S. surveillance

(Reuters) The head of a newly revived federal privacy oversight board pledged on Wednesday to be "as transparent and public as possible" as the board reviews recently exposed U.S. government secret surveillance programs...6/20

East Tennessee

Uninvited guests: Crews wage war against invasive plants in Big South Fork

(Knoxville News Sentinel) ...For decades, national parks across the United States have been battling the spread of exotic-invasive plants that have been introduced by human activity and threaten to destroy native ecosystems...6/20

NRC proposing $70K fine against TVA for violations

(AP) The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is proposing a $70,000 fine against the Tennessee Valley Authority for violations related to one of its East Tennessee nuclear plants...6/19

energy & science policy

Obama Preparing Big Effort to Curb Climate Change

(NY Times) President Obama is preparing a major policy push on climate change, including, for the first time, limits on greenhouse gas emissions from new and existing power plants, as well as expanded renewable energy development on public lands and an accelerated effort on energy efficiency in buildings and equipment...6/19

Japan Formally OKs New Nuclear Safety Requirements

(Time) Japan’s nuclear watchdog formally approved a set of new safety requirements for atomic power plants on Wednesday, paving the way for the reopening of facilities shut down since the Fukushima disaster in a move critics charged was too hasty...6/19

science & technology

Tiny Batteries: 3-D Printing Could Lead to Miniaturized Medical Implants, Compact Electronics, Tiny Robots

(Science Daily) Three-dimensional printing can now be used to print lithium-ion microbatteries the size of a grain of sand...6/18

Outlook is grim for mammals and birds as human population grows, study says

(PhysOrg) ...Scientists at The Ohio State University have determined that the average growing nation should expect at least 3.3 percent more threatened species in the next decade and an increase of 10.8 percent species threatened with extinction by 2050...6/19

Atlantic Ocean to Disappear in 200 Million Years?

(National Geographic News) A newly discovered crack in the Earth's crust could pull North America and Europe together and cause the Atlantic Ocean to vanish in about 220 million years, scientists say...6/19

Particle Containing 4 Quarks Is Confirmed for First Time

(Scientific American) Physicists have resurrected a particle that may have existed in the first hot moments after the Big Bang. Arcanely called Zc(3900), it is the first confirmed particle made of four quarks, the building blocks of much of the Universe’s matter...6/19

Other Stories

The biggest winners of an Internet sales tax

(Fortune) By one estimate, as many as six million retailers in the U.S. could soon owe sales taxes on goods and services sold in other states. Tax software providers are seeing dollar signs...6/19