Thursday, June 21, 2012
ORNL in the News

ORNL Wins Nine R&D 100s, Bringing Total to 173

(Newswise) Researchers at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory have received nine R&D 100 awards. The awards, presented by R&D Magazine, recognize the top 100 innovations of 2012 and are sometimes referred to as the “Academy Awards of Science.”...6/20

How Inflation Has Affected Transportation Prices

(SF Gate) ...While gas prices have shot up over the last few years and financing has gone in the opposite direction, what about cars themselves? According to Center for Transportation Analysis at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, prices reached their height in the late 1990s and have been falling ever since...6/21


Energy Department and National Park Service Announce Clean Cities Partnership to Drive Sustainable National Parks

( As part of the Obama Administration’s commitments to reducing America’s reliance on imported oil and protecting our nation’s air and water, the U.S. Energy Department and the National Park Service today announced that five national parks around the country will deploy fuel efficient and alternative fuel vehicles...6/19

U.S. Department of Energy Projects Win 36 R&D 100 Awards for 2012

( U.S. Department of Energy researchers have won 36 of the 100 awards given out this year by R&D Magazine for the most outstanding technology developments with promising commercial potential...6/20

Feds beat the rush, combine oversight for Y-12 and Pantex

(Knoxville News Sentinel) The National Nuclear Security Administration officially launched its combined (yet geographically dispersed) federal oversight office for the Y-12 and Pantex nuclear weapons facilities. Those plants, about 1,000 miles apart, will come under the same management contract after the NNSA selects a winner later this year...6/20


US plans to base regional force in Kuwait. Will Iran get the message?

(CS Monitor) US plans to base regional force in Kuwait. Will Iran get the message?...6/20

From Rust Belt to Drone Belt

(The Atlantic) Out of the ashes of automotive manufacturing, Dayton, Ohio, is hoping to "re-skill" its workforce with continuing technical education...6/20

East Tennessee

For College Students, Persistence Pays

(U.S. News) U.S. News and World Report has highlighted a recent study from UT’s Center for Business and Economic Research that confirms that persistence pays when it comes to higher education...6/20

State and Regional

State creates new site certification program

(Knoxville News Sentinel) The state Department of Economic and Community Development said Wednesday that it is launching a new site certification program. The initiative will help communities prepare available sites for investment and expansion, and sets a consistent and rigorous standard that will help companies make location decisions...6/20

energy & science policy

How the U.S. Could Declare Energy Independence by 2020

(Popular Mechanics) Both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney have declared American energy independence by the end of the decade to be an attainable goal. Are they right? We crunched the numbers to find the best-case scenario...6/13

science & technology

The trouble with turbines: An ill wind

(Nature) ...Wind turbines kill far fewer birds in general each year than do many other causes linked to humans, including domestic cats and collisions with glass windows. But wind power has a disproportionate effect on certain species that are already struggling for survival, such as the precarious US population of golden eagles...6/20

Scientists Develop Super Powerful Camera

(Wall Street Journal) Scientists at Duke University in North Carolina have built an experimental camera with more than 30 times the data-collecting capacity of today's best consumer digital devices, a development that could fundamentally alter the way images are captured and viewed...6/20

Scientists Identify Protein Required to Regrow Injured Nerves in Limbs

(Science Daily) A protein required to regrow injured peripheral nerves has been identified by researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis...6/20

Physics Community Afire With Rumors of Higgs Boson Discovery

(Wired Science) One of the biggest debuts in the science world could happen in a matter of weeks: The Higgs boson may finally, really have been discovered...6/20

Bright Idea: New "Tractor Beam" Proposal Relies on Negative Radiation Pressure

(Scientific American) Tractor beams, a staple of science fiction, may be moving closer to science fact. In a paper published earlier this spring, physicists have proposed a structure that may enable light to pull objects...6/20

Other Stories

Why Your 401(k) May Be Worth Less Than You Think

(NPR) As Americans watched their nest eggs sink during the Great Recession, many wondered whether they would ever be able to retire. Come this fall, millions of workers who invest in 401(k)s will learn their plans are probably worth even less than they thought...6/21