Thursday, June 27, 2013
ORNL in the News

MAXLAB Built Green for Energy Research

(Green Building News) Construction on the $14.3 million Maximum Building Energy Efficiency Research Laboratory (MAXLAB) at Oak Ridge National Laboratory was completed last August, with installation of research equipment ongoing throughout the year and plans for a dedication ceremony later this summer. Because of its high-tech design, it recently achieved LEED Gold certification...6/26

Supercomputing Research Studies if Marine Crustaceans Enzyme Can Be Used in Biofuels

(Tennessee Today) ...Scientists from the United Kingdom are using the supercomputer, Kraken, to make better predictions about enzyme activity and whether the enzyme can be used directly in biomass conversion...6/25

Wohlers report says 3-D printing exploding

(Plastics News) ...Additive manufacturing grew 28.6 percent last year, when counting all types of revenues including equipment sales and service-bureau fees, Wohlers said...Research labs are driving much of the innovation in this space, said Wohlers, specifically citing Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and the fledgling public/private partnership National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute (NAMII) in Youngstown, Ohio...6/26


Prepping for another nuclear landfill in Oak Ridge

(Knoxville News Sentinel) Space is running out at the Department of Energy's CERLCA waste landfill (known as the Environmental Management Waste Management Facility or EMWMF with a max capacity of 2.2 million cubic yards) in Oak Ridge, and the planning is under way for a possible successor facility...6/26

Urban Electric Power Takes Energy Storage from Startup to Grid-Scale

( Urban Electric Power spun off from the CUNY Energy Institute in 2012 to commercialize an advanced, low-cost zinc-anode rechargeable battery. Building on the CUNY project funded by ARPA-E, UEP is working to reduce costs even further by using zinc-manganese dioxide to create lead-free batteries...6/25


Senators amend the immigration bill to bolster border security

(Washington Post) Senators on Wednesday approved a plan to double the number of officers along the U.S.-Mexico border, a key concession to Republicans who plan to join with Democrats in supporting a comprehensive immigration measure this week...6/26

East Tennessee

National Coal agrees to end surface mining efforts in Tennessee

(Knoxville News Sentinel) National Coal LLC, a formerly Knoxville-based company, has agreed to end its surface mining activities in Tennessee as part of a court settlement with environmental groups...6/26

UT Opens Bidding for Oil and Gas Drilling—and Fracking—On State Land

(Metro Pulse) Last Friday, the University of Tennessee’s Forest Resources AgResearch and Education Center led a group of interested parties around a piece of forest on Little Brushy Mountain. There were employees from five energy companies—Consol, Atlas, PCI, Miller, and Range Resources...6/26

energy & science policy

Obama’s Climate Plan Will Limit Emissions from Power Plants and Heavy Trucks

(Scientific American) White House officials confirmed yesterday that existing power plants will have to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions under a plan being announced by President Obama this afternoon in what amounts to the largest, most comprehensive attempt by the U.S. to deal with the cause and the effects of climate change...6/25

Some Tech Companies Find Ways Not To Hire Americans

(NPR) Lawmakers continue to wrangle over a bill that would overhaul the nation's immigration system. One provision in this bill would allow companies to import a lot more skilled workers. The tech industry has lobbied hard for this, despite fears among some American workers about the extra competition...6/26

science & technology

This Glove Could Help Deaf-Blind People Communicate With Anyone, Anywhere

(The Atlantic) And the research behind it could be applied to a new world of tactile communication that could change how we all interact...6/26

Global Renewable Energy On Track to Soon Eclipse Natural Gas, Nuclear

(National Geographic News) A new report predicts that renewable power energy generation will exceed that of gas and nuclear by 2016...6/26

This Climate Fix Might Be Decades Ahead Of Its Time

(NPR) Researchers are developing a technology that could draw carbon dioxide directly out of the air. It's very expensive now, but it works, and one company is already trying to identify a market for all that captured greenhouse gas...6/27

DNA Buried 7,000 Centuries Is Retrieved

(NY Times) Researchers have reconstructed an ancient genome that is 10 times as old as any retrieved so far, and they now say that DNA should be recoverable from animals that lived one million years ago. This would greatly extend biologists’ ability to understand the evolutionary past...6/26

Other Stories

Why Americans love drones

(Fortune) Tools of Big Brother? Not quite. The American public is largely supportive of unmanned aerial vehicles...6/26

Madness Made Them Great

(Slate) Thomas Jefferson, Steve Jobs, Estée Lauder, and Charles Lindbergh suffered from the same mental illness...6/25