Friday, June 28, 2013
ORNL in the News

Tech 20/20 Ranks As One Of The Top 4 U.S. Incubators, Top 6 Worldwide

(The Chattanoogan) The University Business Incubator (UBI) Index based in Sweden has named the top university business incubators in the world, and Tech 20/20 was one of only four in the United States that made the list.  Tech 20/20 was ranked in the top six internationally...“For nearly two decades, our team has received enormous support from the University of Tennessee and the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, as well as many regional partners.  This recognition, along with the successful graduate businesses, reinforces that our efforts are on track.”...6/27

DOE Oak Ridge not discussing Nevada plan; TDEC not taking position, but says CEUSP material can't be disposed in Tennessee

(Knoxville News Sentinel) The state of Nevada is applying pressure on the Department of Energy to rethink plans to dispose of highly radioactive and fissionable uranium materials at the agency's Nevada National Security Site (formerly known as the Nevada Test Site), and DOE's Oak Ridge office has gone silent on the project....The high-rad and fissile materials currently are stored in Building 3019 at Oak Ridge National Laboratory...6/28


Colorado’s Binz Picked as Obama Nominee for FERC

(Bloomberg News) Ron Binz, a former utility regulator from Colorado, is President Barack Obama's choice to lead the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. The White House said in a statement today that Obama intends to nominate Binz, an advocate of clean-energy technologies who served as chairman of the Colorado Public Utilities Commission from January 2007 until April 2011...6/27

State & Regional

Tennessee students continue to improve on TCAP

(WATE) Education officials say students have continued to perform better on the Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program since the state implemented more rigorous standards nearly four years ago...6/28



Reports: Ex-vice chairman of Joint Chiefs target of leak probe involving cyberattack on Iran

(Washington Post) A former vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is under investigation for allegedly leaking classified information about a covert cyberattack on Iran’s nuclear facilities, according to media reports...6/27

East Tennessee

MoonshineMoonshine As Moneymaker? Eastern Tennessee Will Drink To That

(NPR) Moonshine is trendy these days, with distillers large and small throughout the country offering up their own variety. But in eastern Tennessee, locals will tell you they've got the real "white lightning." Everyone seems to boast a family connection, and everyone has his or her own recipe...6/27

energy & science policy

Energy Department Launches Public-Private Initiative to Help Oil and Natural Gas Industry Strengthen Its Cybersecurity Capabilities

( As part of the Obama Administration’s commitment to protecting America’s critical energy infrastructure, U.S. Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz today announced a new public-private partnership to strengthen protection of the nation’s oil and natural gas infrastructure from cyber attacks...6/27

science & technology

Voyager 1Voyager 1 finds that edge of solar system isn’t as defined as scientists once thought

(Washington Post) The edge of the solar system has no edge, it turns out. It has a fuzzy transitional area, not quite "solar system" and not quite "interstellar space." This basic fact of our star's environment has been discovered by Voyager 1, one of the most remarkable spaceships ever built...6/28

World's Oldest Genome Sequenced From 700,000-Year-Old Horse DNA

(National Geographic) Some of the oldest DNA sequences come from mastodon and polar bear fossils about 50,000 and 110,000 years old, respectively. But a new study published online today in the journal Nature reports the latest in the push for recovering ever more ancient DNA sequences...6/28

Corkscrew Light'Corkscrew' light could turbocharge the Internet

(Nature News) Twisty beams of light could boost the traffic-carrying capacity of the Internet, effectively adding new levels to the information superhighway, suggests research published today in Science...6/27

No More Chemo: Doctors Say It’s Not So Far-Fetched

(Time Magazine) There's a revolution occurring in cancer treatment, and it could mean the end of chemotherapy. When it comes to taming tumors, the strategy has always been fairly straightforward. Remove the offending and abnormal growth by any means, in the most effective way possible...6/26

Other Stories

UK government backs three-person IVF

(BBC News) The UK looks set to become the first country to allow the creation of babies using DNA from three people, after the government backed the IVF technique. It will produce draft regulations later this year and the procedure could be offered within two years....6/27