Friday, June 29, 2012
ORNL in the News

Peering into protein dynamics

(PhysOrg) Two post docs and a doctoral student donned safety glasses and put their arms into a high purity, inert atmosphere glove box recently, to prepare protein samples for neutron scattering on the Cold Neutron Chopper Spectrometer (CNCS) at the Spallation Neutron Source (SNS) at the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory...6/28

NNU's Team RockSat launches experiments on NASA rocket

(NCN News) Team RockSat, a crew of six engineering students from Northwest Nazarene University, launched two experiments inside a rocket payload as part of NASA and the Colorado Space Grant Consortium’s RockSat program...The second experiment tested the superhydrophobic material developed at the U.S. Department of Energy's Oak Ridge Laboratory...6/28

ORNL preparing for plutonium project; target loading set July 30

(Knoxville News Sentinel) ...ORNL reactor chief Ron Crone, and Jeff Binder, the interim associate lab director for nuclear science and engineering, said the plan is to load the neptunium-237 targets into the High Flux Isotope Reactor for the next fuel cycle, No. 444. That cycle is scheduled to begin July 30, following a maintenance and refueling outage. There reportedly will be 17 of the neptunium targets introduced during that first phase of the project...6/28


Department of Energy Labs Push to Fill STEM Void

(U.S. News and World Report) The Department of Energy's 19 "National Labs" have pushed the envelope for years, doing the work that private industry and universities "can't ... won't ... or shouldn't do," and they're beginning to usher in the latest generation of American scientists with public-private partnerships and "STEM hubs" near many of their campuses...6/27

State & Regional

New daily heat records for Tennessee could come this weekend

(Knoxville News Sentinel) Some heat records across Tennessee could wilt as torrid conditions build across the weekend. The National Weather Service predicts high temperatures into the hundreds statewide...6/28

UT Releases National Report on Challenges Facing Research Universities

(Tennessee Today) UT is familiar with trying to doing more with less. UT is striving to become a Top 25 research institution with less state and federal funds to do it. It is not alone...6/28


Medical Organizations Respond to ACA Ruling

(ABC News) The U.S. Supreme Court's Thursday ruling that the Affordable Care Act, with its individual mandate, is constitutional has elicited a wide range of opinions from across the medical community...6/29

Colorado FiresColorado fire toll: 1 dead, at least 1 missing, 346 homes destroyed

(CNN) Rebekah and Bryan Largent clung to one another as their worst fears were confirmed: Their home was among the 346 destroyed in a wildfire ravaging the outskirts of Colorado Springs, Colorado...6/29

East Tennessee

Knox County Commission might revisit sales tax increase

(Knoxville News Sentinel) The Knox County Commission appears willing to revisit a proposal that would let voters in November decide whether they want to raise the sales tax by half a cent. ...6/29

science & technology

Space TelescopePrivate foundation plans space telescope

(Nature News) On Thursday the non-profit group announced plans to develop and launch the first privately funded deep-space mission, a space telescope that would find and observe 90% of all near-Earth asteroids larger than 140 metres across...

Cassini TitanCassini Finds Likely Subsurface Ocean On Saturn's Moon Titan

(Science Daily) ...Researchers saw a large amount of squeezing and stretching as the moon orbited Saturn. They deduced that if Titan were composed entirely of stiff rock, the gravitational attraction of Saturn would cause bulges, or solid "tides," on the moon only 3 feet (1 meter) in height...6/28

TomatoesFlavor Is Price of Scarlet Hue of Tomatoes, Study Finds

(New York Times) Plant geneticists say they have discovered an answer to a near-universal question: Why are tomatoes usually so tasteless? Yes, they are often picked green and shipped long distances. Often they are refrigerated, which destroys their flavor and texture...

Other Stories

Medical experts answer your questions about the Affordable Care Act

(WBIR) We reached out to our viewers through Facebook to find out what you still want to know about the health care law. Then we asked two local experts to weigh in. Our first question comes from Anne Wright who asks: "Will my rates go up now to cover those who have to get it?"...6/29

Out there

Pizzeria on WheelsYou Built What?!: A 14-Ton Pizzeria on Wheels

(Popular Science) Jon Darsky spent years in San Francisco restaurants baking Neapolitan-style pizzas—thin crusts topped with fresh salted tomatoes and milky fior di latte mozzarella—in old-school specialty wood-fired ovens. In 2010 he began looking around for a place of his own but couldn’t find the right piece of real estate...6/27