Wednesday, July 1, 2015
ORNL in the News

Flood Maps Can Get Much Sharper With A Little Supercomputing Oomph

(NPR) ..."People always bring their dreams here," says Jack Wells, director of science at the computing facility at Oak Ridge. "They bring their dreams for what they wanted to do with their life's work. And we help give them a big jump forward by giving them access to our Titan supercomputer."...6/30

Helium 'balloons' offer new path to control complex materials

(Oak Ridge Today) Researchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory have developed a new method to manipulate a wide range of materials and their behavior using only a handful of helium ions...6/30

Beckwood Press Company Partners with Oak Ridge National Laboratory to Develop Advanced Composite Materials & Manufacturing Processes

(Midland Daily News) Oak Ridge National Laboratory, a world leader in the research and development of advanced materials and economical green energy solutions, has awarded Beckwood Press Company a contract to manufacture a custom hydraulic press for the compression molding of various composite materials...6/30

Science and Technology

The hunt for the world's missing carbon

(Nature) Researchers are racing to determine whether forests will continue to act as a brake on climate change by soaking up more carbon...6/30

The Way Humans Get Electricity Is About to Change Forever  

(Forbes) The renewable-energy boom is here. Trillions of dollars will be invested over the next 25 years, driving some of the most profound changes yet in how humans get their electricity. That's according to a new forecast by Bloomberg New Energy Finance that plots out global power markets to 20401increase click area...6/23

Energy and Science Policy

U.S. high court topples controversial mercury pollution regulations

(Science Magazine) Long-delayed action on the health risks of mercury produced by U.S. coal power plants will have to wait even longer, as the Supreme Court decided today that federal authorities failed to properly weigh the benefits of regulation against the costs...6/29

Energy-Efficiency Efforts May Not Pay Off

(Scientific American) In the run-up to the final rollout of its Clean Power Plan, U.S. EPA has consistently promoted energy efficiency efforts as a cheap, easy and financially advantageous way to meet the rule’s ambitious goal of reducing the power sector’s greenhouse gas emissions by 30 percent...6/24


$5.9 million site-readiness contract for UPF

(Knoxville News Sentinel) The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, which is managing some pre-construction contracts for the Uranium Processing Facility at Y-12, has awarded a $5.9 million “site infrastructure and services” contract to Emerald-A&H Joint Venture LLC...6/30

U.S. Organizations Recognized for Cutting Parking Facility Energy Use by 60 Percent

( As part of the Energy Department’s effort to support U.S. businesses working to save money by saving energy, the Better Buildings Alliance’s Lighting Energy Efficiency in Parking (LEEP) Campaign recognized 18 organizations for leading the way in efficient outdoor lighting today...6/29

Brookhaven National Laboratory finds a way to monitor atomic-scale catalytic reactions

( The US Department of Energy's Brookhaven National Laboratory has come with a new technique to monitor atomic-scale changes during catalytic reactions in real time...6/30

Local and State

Abundant Electricity Attracts New Business to Southeast

( Doug Lawyer has spent a number of years wooing companies to East Tennessee. As the Knoxville Chamber of Commerce’s director of economic development, his recruitment negotiations emphasize key elements such as skilled labor, access to reliable transportation, and the reliability and cost of utilities—especially electricity...6/30

UT-Related Neutrino Experiment Recognized by US Department of Energy

(Tennessee Today) A UT-related project exploring the role that neutrinos and dark matter particles can play in the formation of the universe has received a prestigious award from the US Department of Energy...6/24