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How Do Farmers Choose Bioenergy Crops?

(Domesticfuel.com) Carolyn Hoagland was recently awarded the Volkswagen Distinguished Scholar for her work in learning about how farmers choose to grow bioenergy crops. Hoagland, an adult student, is an environmental science major at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (UTC). She conducted her research while working as an intern at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory...7/1

Knoxville sites for electric vehicles set

(Knoxville News Sentinel) Over the past few months, the city of Knoxville has been looking for locations appropriate for ECOtality's electric vehicle charging stations. A finalized list of proposed sites for the Knoxville area was released Friday...[Jacob] Tisinger also said the city and ECOtality are working with Oak Ridge National Laboratory to put in 10 solar-assisted charging stations in the Market Square and Civic Coliseum parking garages...7/5

Casey Anthony at TrialCasey Anthony Trial: Jury has begun deliberating

(WTSP.com) Jurors have begun deliberating in the Casey Anthony murder trial. Each of the charges against Casey Anthony was spelled out for the jurors by Judge Belvin Perry...[Jose] Baez harshly criticized the testimony of Dr. Arpad Vass, of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Vass testified that chloroform levels from air samples taken from the trunk of Casey Anthony's car was surprisingly high.7/4

Simulations reveal details of bioenergy barrier

(domain-b) A first of its kind combination of experiment and simulation at the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory is providing a close-up look at the molecule that complicates next-generation biofuels...7/4


DOE-Oak Ridge Office chief elaborates on changes, reorganization

(Oak Ridger) A proposed reorganization and other changes at the U.S. Department of Energy's Oak Ridge Office could help increase accountability, reduce costs, and make operations more efficient, according to Paul Golan, the Office's acting manager...7/1

State & Regional

Lawmakers strengthen penalties for sex offenders

(WBIR) Tennessee will soon have a new sex offender registry which will contain the names of teenagers between 14-18 who have been convicted of rape, rape of a child or aggravated rape of a child...7/4

4,500 nonprofits lose status

(Knoxville News Sentinel) Dale Burress was caught off guard when the notice from the Internal Revenue Service showed up in the mail...7/5


End of shuttle program slams Space Coast economy

(USA Today) Florida's Space Coast, with NASA's Kennedy Space Center as its anchor and identity, is bracing for an economic meltdown when the shuttle program officially ends later this month...7/4

DronesGlobal race on to match U.S. drone capabilities

(Washington Post) At the most recent Zhuhai air show, the premier event for China’s aviation industry, crowds swarmed around a model of an armed, jet-propelled drone and marveled at the accompanying display of its purported martial prowess...7/4

Union Shifts Position on Teacher Evaluations

(New York Times) Catching up to the reality already faced by many of its members, the nation’s largest teachers’ union on Monday affirmed for the first time that evidence of student learning must be considered in the evaluations of school teachers around the country...7/4

energy & science policy

Inside Energy Extra

7/1 A daily report on U.S. energy policy
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  • States lose in court on Yucca Mt. claim
  • Murkowski proposes interim n-waste sites
  • EPA rule on carbon capture clears OMB
  • Shell nears EPA air permit for Alaska drilling

science & technology

Genetic Component of Autism Spectrum Disorders May Be Moderate Compared to Environment, Twin Study Suggests

(Science Daily) After evaluating twin pairs in which at least one child has autism or autism spectrum disorder (ASD), researchers suggest that the shared environment may play a more substantial role in development of the condition than shared genes do, according to a report published Online First by Archives of General Psychiatry, one of the JAMA/Archives journals...7/4

Hole in CloudsSecrets of Giant Cloud Holes Revealed

(National Geographic) For decades people have seen gargantuan holes form in high, thin clouds made of supercooled water—liquid droplets that are chilled below the freezing point but that don't have any particles around which ice crystals can form...6/30

Other Stories

You Are More Likely to Survive a Plane Crash than Click a Banner Ad

(Atlantic Wire) How annoying are banner ads? You know, those ubiquitous advertisements that drop down in your face when you open most news sites? The worst are the ones that expand when you scroll over them, forcing you to click on them no matter how hard to try to avoid it. If you hate banner ads as much as we do, you are not alone: most people do not click on them...6/29

State Outcomes in Math and Science Education Reveal Big Disparities

(AIP) In a new ranking of how well the states' K-12 schools are preparing their students for science and engineering careers, Massachusetts leads the pack, while Mississippi trails behind as 'worst in the United States.' The rankings are reported in the summer issue of the Newsletter of the Forum on Education of the American Physical Society...7/1

Alvin Weinberg's post-war evaluation of Hitler's nuclear program

(Knoxville News Sentinel) "We were under enormous pressure," he said. "People were dying. Americans and others were being killed at an enormous rate. We knew if we succeeded, then the war would be over. I never worked so hard in my life." Fear was a motivation. Fear of losing freedom. Fear that Nazi Germany might be first to develop an atomic weapon...7/4