Monday, July 8, 2013
ORNL in the News

Energy Department announces investments, including at ORNL, for next-generation biofuels

(Oak Ridge Today) Building on President Obama’s newly announced plan to cut carbon pollution, the Energy Department this week announced four research and development projects to bring next-generation biofuels on-line faster...One of the projects selected for negotiation is worth up to $2.1 million and located at Oak Ridge National Laboratory...7/6

Elsevier and Oak Ridge National Laboratory Implement Reciprocal Linking Between Datasets and Published Research Articles

(Rock Hill Herald Online) Elsevier articles on ScienceDirect and datasets in the ORNL DAAC data repository now reciprocally linked Elsevier, a world-leading publisher of scientific, technical and medical information products and services, announced its implementation of reciprocal linking between Earth Science content on ScienceDirect and related data sets of the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory Tennessee (ORNL)...7/6

Hydrothermal microscopeBuilding a New Hydrothermal Atomic Force Microscope for Studying Basic Geochemical Problems

(Imaging & Microscopy) A high-power atomic force microscope that could revolutionize the study of materials at high temperatures and pressures is coming into focus in a Wright State University lab....The microscope is being built through a partnership with Oak Ridge National Laboratory, which has a team of geoscientists who are focused on high-temperature, high-pressure reactions at mineral fluid interfaces...7/6

Clemson working on wireless electric car charging

(The State) The Clemson University International Center for Automotive Research and the S.C. Technology Aviation Center have agreed to work with Oak Ridge National Laboratory to support a three-year program to develop and test wireless charging systems for electrical vehicles...7/6

State & Regional

Stick FigureState teaches teachers new math benchmarks

(WVLT) State education officials are kicking off the second phase of training teachers on how to implement a new set of common core benchmarks for math and reading...7/5

Gov. Bill Haslam struggles to meet Pilot recusal pledge

(WATE) Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam has struggled almost from the start of his administration to fulfill a campaign pledge to avoid handling matters relating to Pilot Flying J, the family-owned truck stop chain run by his brother, Cleveland Browns owner Jimmy Haslam...7/8


Asiana Airlines Crash: Pilot Was in 9th Training Flight for Boeing 777

(ABC News) The pilot in charge of the Asiana Airlines jet that crash-landed at San Francisco International Airport Saturday was in his ninth training flight on the Boeing 777 and was 11 flights short of the worldwide standard to get licensed, company officials said...7/8

Egypt's Islamists call for 'intifada' as they vow to fight for Mohammed Morsi

(The Telegraph) Pro- and anti-Morsi factions staged competing rallies in Cairo, with those who supported last week's military intervention attacking US President Barack Obama for his alleged support of the Muslim Brotherhood...7/7

science & technology

AntifreezeAntifreeze, Cheap Materials May Lead to Low-Cost Solar Energy

(Science Daily) A process combining some comparatively cheap materials and the same antifreeze that keeps an automobile radiator from freezing in cold weather may be the key to making solar cells that cost less and avoid toxic compounds, while further expanding the use of solar energy...7/4

Tissue engineering: How to build a heart

(Nature News) Doris Taylor doesn't take it as an insult when people call her Dr Frankenstein. “It was actually one of the bigger compliments I've gotten,” she says — an affirmation that her research is pushing the boundaries of the possible...7/3

Going to Seed: Climate Change Could Spark Small Mammal Invasion

(Scientific American) Invasive animals are a scourge the world over, and on many islands they have decimated local plants and animals. New Zealand has contended with such losses for centuries as rats and stoats (short-tailed weasels) from abroad have helped to wipe out 19 bird species...7/8

Japan to launch satellites to monitor oceans

(PhysOrg) Japan plans to launch satellites to monitor the world's oceans, a report said Sunday, as Chinese government ships sailed in waters around islands controlled by Tokyo and claimed by Beijing...7/7

Other Stories

Health insurance marketplaces will not be required to verify consumer claims

(Washington Post) The Obama administration announced Friday that it would significantly scale back the health law's requirements that new insurance marketplaces verify consumers' income and health insurance status. ...7/6

If PRISM Is Good Policy, Why Stop With Terrorism?

(The Atlantic) My first day in college, the professor for Public Policy 101 asked a 200-person class, "If there were a policy that saved over 20,000 lives, reduced carbon emissions by 20 percent, reduced gasoline usage by 20 percent, decreased average insurance costs by 75 percent, and which would increase revenues to the federal government and not cost any additional money to implement -- who in this room would support this policy?"...