Wednesday, July 11, 2012
ORNL in the News

Oak Ridge gets DOE's go-ahead for second phase of U-233 disposition project; big savings cited

(Knoxville News Sentinel) Sue Cange, the Department of Energy's acting environmental manager in Oak Ridge, today confirmed that the Oak Ridge office had received the go-ahead for a plan to process the remaining uranium-233 at Oak Ridge National Laboratory after completing the first phase of the project (which involves direct reuse or disposition of some U-233 long stored at ORNL)...7/10

Kudzu crusade

(PhysOrg) A controlled burn licked its way across 42 acres on the Oak Ridge Reservation as Oak Ridge National Laboratory's Natural Resources Management Team completed another step towards eliminating kudzu, an invasive exotic species that had overtaken the area...Kitty McCracken, the newest member of ORNL's Natural Resources Management Team who deals with invasive plant species, said kudzu is one of the biggest problems on the reservation...7/10


Afghan exit will cost U.S. billions, Pentagon's No. 2 says

(USA Today) Moving the mountain of U.S. military gear out of Afghanistan after more than a decade of war will cost billions of dollars and prove far more difficult than last year's withdrawal from Iraq, the Pentagon's No. 2 official said Tuesday...7/10


DOE's big bucks available for small businesses

(Knoxville News Sentinel) Shannon Eaker's ears perked up Tuesday when he heard a couple of the U.S. Department of Energy's largest contractors say they had a difficult time meeting certain goals for subcontracting. The DOE contractors said they were especially looking for qualified service-disabled, veteran-owned small businesses...7/11


East Tennessee

Oak Ridge's UCOR funds UT faculty position

(Oak Ridger) A major gift from Department of Energy contractor UCOR has established the UCOR faculty fellowship in the University of Tennessee, Knoxville's College of Engineering...7/11

UT Partners in Study that Suggests Ways Pentagon Can Cut Billions

(UT Today) ...Building greater trust with defense contractors might be the solution, according to a new study sponsored by the US Air Force and co-authored by professors from UT, Auburn University, and the University of Alabama...7/10

State & Regional

State considers fracking regs

(Knoxville News Sentinel) The rush is on by the oil and gas industry to tap into the nation's abundant, but sometimes hard-to-extract supply of natural gas. At a Tuesday afternoonpublic hearing in Knoxville, many opponents of the controversial method of drilling for natural gas in deep shale and tight formations — called hydraulic fracturing, or "fracking" — asked at what cost in Tennessee?...7/10

energy & science policy

Navy unveils new shore energy policy

(Reuters) The Navy unveiled a major update of its energy policies ashore on Tuesday, calling for improved efficiency, greater conservation and increased use of renewable power to cut energy consumption in half at bases worldwide by the end of the decade...7/11

science & technology

Global Warming Makes Heat Waves More Likely, Study Finds

(NY Times) Some of the weather extremes bedeviling people around the world have become far more likely because of human-induced global warming, researchers reported on Tuesday. Yet they ruled it out as a cause of last year’s devastating floods in Thailand, one of the most striking weather events of recent years...7/10

MIT Energy Scavenger Harvests Power from Light, Vibrations, and Heat

(Popular Science) Small power generators that can harvest energy from ambient sources like heat, vibrations, and light hold a lot of promise across a range of applications, particularly in things like remote monitoring...7/10

GE Develops Recyclable, Rechargeable Batteries for Cell Tower Backup

(Scientific American) GE on Tuesday unveiled a new battery that, it claims, can provide more backup capacity for telecommunications providers and utilities at a fraction of the cost. The company’s new Durathon batteries are half the size of conventional lead-acid batteries but can hold their charge 10 times longer...7/10

Higgs triumph opens up field of dreams

(Nature) ...The discovery has given the machine a new mission: to pin down the properties of the Higgs boson. Researchers will also be scouring the data for hints of something beyond the standard model — a still-more comprehensive theory that could lead physicists towards a unified understanding of the Universe....7/10

Other Stories

As Squeeze Tightens on Iran, Fuel Prices—for Now—Reflect Calm

(National Geographic News) Iran faces mounting pressure over its nuclear program at a time of bountiful oil supply and weak demand. But how long can low gas prices last?...7/10