Tuesday, July 12, 2011
ORNL in the News

Ornithology lab plays role in State of the Birds

(ECN) Using high-performance computing techniques and more than 600,000 bird checklists from citizen-science participants, the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and partners have produced the nation's first assessment of birds on public lands...The Cornell Institute for Computational Sustainability, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and DataONE helped lead the analyses, which required 70,000 hours of supercomputer time on the National Science Foundation's TeraGrid....7/11

US joins German fusion project

(Nuclear Engineering International) In the three-year project, starting in 2011, scientists from the fusion institutes at Princeton, Oak Ridge and Los Alamos are contributing auxiliary magnetic coils, measuring instruments and planning of special sections of the wall cladding for equipping the German fusion device...7/12

ORNL's Manges elected fellow of automation society

(Knoxville News Sentinel) Wayne Manges of Oak Ridge National Laboratory's Measurement Science & Systems Engineering Division has been elected a fellow of the International Society of Automation. His election signifies outstanding achievement in scientific or engineering fields as recognized by his peers in the society...7/11

David Dean new director of ORNL Physics Division

(Knoxville News Sentinel) David Dean has named director of Oak Ridge National Laboratory's Physics Division, effective July 18. He succeeds Jim Beene, a lab Corporate Fellow, who's served as the division's interim director for the past couple of years...7/11


GAO Faults DOE in Helium-3 Shortage

(AIP) The Government Accountability Office investigated the Department of Energy’s slow response to the severe shortage of a critical isotope, helium-3, in 2008. GAO found that unclear stewardship responsibilities and poor coordination between two DOE offices caused stockpiles of helium-3 to be severely depleted before any shortage was detected...7/11

Department of Energy Update on Strategic Petroleum Reserve Sale

(DOE Press Release) Today the Department of Energy announced the completion of the bid process and successful contract award for the full 30.64 million barrels sold through its competitive sale process...7/11


Where Have America's Jobs Gone?

(Wall Street Journal) There are many reasons U.S. companies give for their lack of robust hiring—from weak consumer spending to uncertainty over the direction of government policies on debt and spending...7/12

State & Regional

Tennessee beats revenue projections for June

(Tennessean) Tennessee beat projections for tax collections for June, but the state’s finance commissioner warned that a bad economy threatens to create a hole in the budget...7/12


energy & science policy

Inside Energy Extra

7/11 A daily report on U.S. energy policy
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- Senate panel drops oil bills from markup
- Bulb-bill impact broader than original
- Sales final on biggest SPR oil drawdown
- Mid-Atlantic wind-site review released
- BLM renewable request met in House bill

science & technology

Experts Skeptical about Potential of Rare-Earth Elements in Seafloor Mud

(Scientific American) A newly discovered reservoir of rare earths, which are needed for high-tech, automotive and renewable energy applications, may remain on the ocean floor for some time...7/9

Scientists Turn to Crowds on the Web to Finance Their Projects

(NY Times) ...As research budgets tighten at universities and federal financing agencies, a new crop of Web-savvy scientists is hoping the wisdom — and generosity — of the crowds will come to the rescue...7/11

Seaweed in the Fuel Tank?

(Discovery News) Kelp and other seaweed could be biofuels of the future, avoiding competition with food crops for land and scarce freshwater resources -- limitations that plague land-based biofuel prospects...7/11

How Digital Detectives Deciphered Stuxnet, the Most Menacing Malware in History

(Wired News) It was January 2010, and investigators with the International Atomic Energy Agency had just completed an inspection at the uranium enrichment plant outside Natanz in central Iran, when they realized that something was off within the cascade rooms where thousands of centrifuges were enriching uranium...7/11

Other Stories

Why the Yellowstone Oil Spill Is So Tough to Clean Up

(Time) Even if you aren't near the Yellowstone River oil spill right now, the scene is disturbingly familiar. It looks so much like its 2010 cousin in the Gulf of Mexico that it's almost spooky...7/9