Friday, July 12, 2013
ORNL in the News

Mesa teacher takes part in summer research fellowship

(East Valley Tribune) Kristi Larson, a teacher at Mesa's ASU Preparatory Academy Polytechnic, was one of 20 educators from across the country chosen to take part in a research program provided by the Siemens STEM Academy, a partnership between the Siemens Foundation, Discovery Education, Oak Ridge Associated Universities and the College Board...The “Siemens Teachers as Researchers” (STARs) fellowship program allows teachers to engage in Research at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory...7/11

CASL milestone validates reactor model using TVA data

(PhysOrg) The Consortium for Advanced Simulation of Light Water Reactors (CASL) announced that its scientists have successfully completed the first full-scale simulation of an operating nuclear reactor...7/10

Maximum Building Energy Efficiency Research Laboratory secures LEED Gold

(WIDN) The recently completed $14.3m Maximum Building Energy Efficiency Research Laboratory (MAXLAB), designed by Cannon Design of St. Louis, at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Oak Ridge, has received LEED Gold certification...7/1


Climate Change Will Cause More Energy Breakdowns, U.S. Warns

(NY Times) The nation’s entire energy system is vulnerable to increasingly severe and costly weather events driven by climate change, according to a report from the Department of Energy...7/1

No plans for workforce restructuring at Y-12

(Knoxville News Sentinel) There have been rumblings about additional belt-tightening at the Y-12 nuclear weapons plant to absorb budget reductions and unexpected costs, but a spokeswoman for contractor B&W Y-12 said today there is no plan for a workforce restructuring at the Oak Ridge installation...7/11

State & Regional

NRC: TVA nuclear plant still needs improvement

(AP) The Tennessee Valley Authority has fixed the immediate problems that led to a serious safety violation at its Browns Ferry nuclear plant in Alabama, but it must still demonstrate long-term improvement, federal regulators said Thursday...7/11


U.S. begins flying deportees to Mexico City

(AP) U.S. immigration authorities began flying deportees deep into Mexico Thursday in an effort to discourage them from trying to return, U.S. and Mexican officials said...7/11

East Tennessee

Professor Helps Design Software for the Next Generation of Supercomputer

(Tennessee Today) Jack Dongarra, distinguished professor of computer science at UT is designing software that will be critical in making the next generation of supercomputers operational...7/10

Study: Tenn. ranks 2nd for best transportation

(WBIR-TV) Tennessee has moved up the ranks of those with the best transportation and infrastructure...Overall, the state ranked 13th in America's top states for business in 2013...7/11

Wildlife group seeks new protections for disappearing Tennessee salamander

(The Tennessean) Lurking in waterways with its long, slimy body and beady eyes, the hellbender is Tennessee’s largest salamander, not to mention a survivor of ancient times...7/11

energy & science policy

NSF Releases Final Spending Plan for FY 2013

(AIP) The National Science Foundation has released its spending plan for the current year. Importantly, this “FY 2013 Current Plan” includes mandatory reductions made due to sequestration...7/10

science & technology

Teething troubles at huge telescope

(Nature) In April, something went awry at the astronomical observatory atop Mount Graham, a 3,200-metre peak in Arizona. A valve got stuck open on a line that feeds coolant to a secondary mirror at the Large Binocular Tele­scope (LBT), a double-barreled behemoth with two 8.4-metre-wide main mirrors...7/10

Air Pollution Linked to Significant Decrease in Life Expectancy

(Scientific American) A study released earlier this week indicates that airborne pollution in China may have shortened the lives of 500 million Chinese by 2.5 billion years...7/10

Surveilling the Birds

(The Atlantic) An hour's drive east by southeast from Pittsburgh, hidden among the picturebook-perfect red barns, white fences, and green fields of the Lignonier Valley, lies an equally carefully maintained landscape of bird research...7/11

Far-Off Quakes May Cause Temblors at Injection Wells

(NY Times) Researchers have known for years that disposing of waste water from oil and gas production by injecting it into deep wells can lead to earthquakes. Now scientists at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, a part of Columbia University, have discovered the actual trigger for some of those quakes: the passing seismic waves from much larger, far-off earthquakes...7/11

Other Stories

Japan to give nuclear power another chance

(CS Monitor) Japan appears poised to give nuclear power another chance, just over two years after the reactor meltdown at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant forced it to rethink its enthusiasm for atomic energy...7/10