Thursday, July 13, 2017
ORNL in the News

ORNL director talks new role, lab priorities, Trump administration

(Knoxville News Sentinel) New Oak Ridge National Laboratory Director Thomas Zacharia hasn't lost his sense of gratitude in the 30 years he's worked at the lab. "I have built a career standing on the shoulders of giants," Zacharia said...7/12

NREL/Oak Ridge thermal measurements of packed copper wire enables better electric motor designs

(Green Car Congress) A recently completed study by researchers from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and Oak Ridge National Laboratory of the anisotropic—i.e., directionally dependent—thermal conductivity of packed copper wire for electric-drive vehicle (EDV) motor applications is providing a baseline for the assessment of new materials and winding structures...7/11

EPB Launches Solar Share: An Option For Locally-Generated Renewable Energy

( ...“Working with Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Solar Share gives EPB a new avenue to serve as America’s Living Laboratory in the development of best practices for using an advanced smart grid to dynamically manage the variability of solar power generation.”...7/11


Story tips from the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory, July 2017

(EurekAlert) Climate - Bridging human impacts...Computing - Data-driven healthcare for veterans...Neutrons - Beating the clock...Buildings - Airtight savings...Manufacturing - Tailoring performance...7/5


Science and Technology

Era of ‘Biological Annihilation’ Is Underway, Scientists Warn

(NY Times) ...The study, published Monday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, calls the current decline in animal populations a “global epidemic” and part of the “ongoing sixth mass extinction” caused in large measure by human destruction of animal habitats...7/11

Energy and Science Policy

Republican Lawmakers Push NOAA to Incorporate Private Sector Innovation

(Science Magazine) House panel set to vote on bill that cuts or eliminates some DOE science programs...7/11

White House’s dwindling science office leaves major research programmes in limbo

(Nature) ...Nearly six months after taking office, Trump has not chosen a science adviser, and the White House’s Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) has dwindled from around 130 staff members under former president Barack Obama to 35...7/11

House panel set to vote on bill that cuts or eliminates some DOE science programs

(Science Magazine) The House of Representatives appropriations panel will vote Wednesday on a Department of Energy (DOE) spending bill that largely rejects deep 2018 cuts to science programs proposed by President Donald Trump...7/11


Oak Ridge's East Tennessee Technology Park recognized for saving resources, taxpayer money

(Knoxville Daily Sun) Today the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recognizes the efforts of the Department of Energy’s East Tennessee Technology Park in Oak Ridge for taking steps to improve efficiency, save resources and reduce costs as part of the Federal Green Challenge...7/12

Trump nominates finance executive for DOE science undersecretary

(Science Magazine) President Donald Trump has nominated Paul Dabbar, an investment banker with J.P. Morgan Chase in New York City, to be the Department of Energy’s undersecretary for science...7/11

Local and State

President’s budget would close NOAA lab that has Oak Ridge division

(Oak Ridge today) The Oak Ridge campus is on South Illinois Avenue, in a historic building that was once an emergency hospital and then a health department. It now houses the Atmospheric Turbulence and Diffusion Division, or ATDD. The Atmospheric Turbulence and Diffusion Division is one of several field divisions of the Air Resources Laboratory...7/12

High levels of arsenic, lead found beneath Tennessee Valley Authority plant

(Knoxville News Sentinel) The Tennessee Valley Authority found high levels of arsenic and other toxins in ground water underlying a Southwest Memphis power plant where thousands of tons of coal ash are impounded, the agency told state regulators...7/12

ORAU’s Eric Abelquist named new president of national Health Physics Society

(Oak Ridge Today) ...Abelquist has been president-elect for the past year, and he has visited HPS chapters across the country as part of the transition to become president, getting to know members and soliciting feedback in order to better understand issues that need to be addressed...7/12