Friday, July 15, 2011
ORNL in the News

Ornithology lab plays role in State of the Birds report

(Cornell Chronicle) Novel bird distribution maps combine the Protected Areas Database of the United States with bird observations from, a citizen-science project of the Cornell Lab and National Audubon Society. The Cornell Institute for Computational Sustainability, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and DataONE helped lead the analyses....7/13

Story Tips from the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory, July 2011

(Newswise) MATERIALS – Moving toward nanorobots... ENERGY – Boost for industry... MATERIALS – New band magnetism... CHEMISTRY – Clean energy production...COMPUTATIONAL CHEMISTRY – Converting biomass....7/13


New Energy Star Initiative Recognizes Cutting-Edge Products with Highest Energy Efficiency

(DOE Press Release) The "Most Efficient" initiative continues Energy Star's work to provide consumers with the best efficiency information so they can make investments that will lower their energy bills and environmental impact....7/14

East Tennessee

TVA's Bull Run expansion plan leaves Claxton residents uneasy

(Knoxville News Sentinel) The planned expansion of the Bull Run footprint is part of TVA's decision in 2009 to shut down all wet coal-ash storage areas at its coal-fired plants. That move came after the disastrous coal-ash spill in December 2008 at Kingston Fossil Plant....7/15


As White House talks falter, Senate works on agreement to raise debt limit

(Washington Post) President Obama prepared Thursday to bring bipartisan talks over the debt to a close, as Senate leaders worked across party lines to craft an alternative strategy to raise the nation's $14.3 trillion debt limit and avert a government default....7/15

State & Regional

Nuclear plants need better monitoring, rules, report says

(Tennessean) Nuclear plants around the country need improvement in several areas, including the monitoring of highly radioactive spent fuel pools and the ability to respond in emergencies....7/14

energy & science policy

McCain Proposes Panel to Probe Government Cyberattacks

(Security News) Sen. John McCain's proposal would seek to develop legislation with "adequate safeguards to detect and defeat any insider threat of disclosure of classified documents such as we experienced with the WikiLeaks fiasco that endangered the security of many of our nation's diplomats and soldiers serving abroad."...7/15

Pentagon unveils its new cyberstrategy. Well, some of it, anyway

(Christian Science Monitor) The Pentagon – belatedly, perhaps – outlines its 'Strategy for Operating in Cyberspace.' A slim unclassified document emphasizes a defensive posture, leaving many questions unanswered....7/14

science & technology

Baboon Study Shows Benefits for Nice Guys, Who Finish 2nd

(New York Times) Alpha males may hold power and attract females, but a study of baboon troops in Kenya shows they also have very high levels of stress....7/15

Editing the Genome: Scientists Unveil New Tools for Rewriting the Code of Life

(Science Daily) Harvard researchers developing genome-scale editing tools as fast and easy as word processing have rewritten the genome of living cells using the genetic equivalent of search and replace....7/15

More Than Charismatic: The Ecology of Big Animals

(Wired) Of all mankind's impacts on nature, perhaps none is more pervasive than the systematic elimination of large animals. Of those that lived 20,000 years ago, many are gone....7/15