Monday, July 15, 2015
ORNL in the News

House Science Panel Gives Big Hug to Reform of DOE Labs

(Science Magazine) The spacious hearing room of the U.S. House of Representative's Committee on Science, Space, and Technology has witnessed some pretty feisty ideological arguments. But not today. The bipartisan group of lawmakers who showed up for a hearing on a recent report from an unusual trio of Washington think tanks had nothing but praise for their ideas on how to improve operations at the Department of Energy's (DOE's) sprawling network of 17 national laboratories. So did two DOE lab directors who testified...7/11

Joining technique could improve design optimisation

(The Engineer) A new method of creating an extremely strong bond between lightweight aluminium and ultra-high-strength steel could help car manufacturers optimise vehicle design...The method was invented by manufacturing engineering technology professor Michael Miles and retired BYU professor Kent Kohkonen, in collaboration with Orem, Utah-based company MegaStir Technologies and Oak Ridge National Lab...7/13


COLUMN-DOE may set energy standards for computers, servers: Kemp

(Thomson Reuters Foundation) The U.S. Department of Energy wants to establish labelling programmes and minimum energy efficiency standards for all computers and servers sold in the United States...7/12

GAO report on UPF cost increases

(Knoxville News Sentinel) The Government Accountability Office today released a report on factors leading to cost increases with the Uranium Processing Facility at the Y-12 nuclear weapons plant...7/12

State & Regional

June revenues $3.2M more than state budgeted

( State Finance Commissioner Larry Martin says overall June revenues were $3.2 million more than the state budgeted...7/11

The TennThe search for Tennessee's top 10 startups

(Nashville Business Journal)The state is launching a new program to find Tennessee's top 10 startups. Companies that have graduated from one of Tennessee's nine regional business accelerators in the past year can apply to be one of The Tenn, a new program announced today by Launch Tennessee...7/12


Napolitano to resign as homeland security secretary

(USA Today) Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, who has handled hot-button issues ranging from immigration to counter-terrorism, said Friday she is resigning to run the University of California and its system of colleges...7/11

In Zimmerman Case, Self-Defense Was Hard to Topple

(The New York Times) From the moment George Zimmerman held up his arms and told the police that he had shot Trayvon Martin, one fact was undisputed: an unarmed black teenager lay dead...7/14

East Tennessee

TVA pays $552,488 severance to outgoing nuclear chief

(Chattanooga Times-Free Press) ...In a Securities and Exchange filing today, the Tennessee Valley Authority said Swafford’s resignation is considered “an approved termination” and he will also be eligible for executive bonuses and incentive awards paid to top managers this year...7/12

Tennesee Cave ArtCumberland Plateau cave art reveals native people's lives

(Chattanooga Times-Free Press) Tennessee's earliest inhabitants used art to explore and explain their world. They're long gone, but the images they scratched into mud, rock and cave walls remain all over the Cumberland Plateau...7/15

energy & science policy

Report Released on Improving Department of Energy National Laboratories

(AIP) The institutional management structures that govern the labs have not advanced far beyond the Cold War, and [are] outdated, inflexible, and weakly connected to the marketplace, inhibiting US innovation,” notes a recently release report, Turning the Page: Reimagining the National Labs in the 21st Century Innovation Economy...7/12

science & technology

Blue GiantFirst distant planet to be seen in colour is blue

(Nature News) A navy-blue world orbiting a faraway star is the first exoplanet to have its colour directly measured. Discovered in 2005, HD 189733 b is one of the best-studied planets outside the Solar System, orbiting a star about 19 parsecs away in the Vulpecula, or Fox, constellation...7/12

Exchange MonitorSome Trees Use Less Water Amid Rising Carbon Dioxide, Paper Says

(The New York Times) The fate of the world's forests on a warming planet has long been one of the great unanswered questions about climate change. Now, new research is complicating the picture further, suggesting that big shifts are already under way in how forests work...7/10

GlacierContinuous Satellite Monitoring of Ice Sheets Needed to Better Predict Sea-Level Rise

(Science Daily) New findings, published in Nature Geoscience, underscore the need for continuous satellite monitoring of the ice sheets to better identify and predict melting and the corresponding sea-level rise...7/14

Chinese Trial Misconduct Delayed Bristol-Myers Medicine

(Bloomberg News) Drugmakers have increasingly been turning to China for large clinical trials because they're cheaper and there's a bigger population of subjects to draw on. Now U.S. regulators have stepped in, questioning sloppy data and irregularities from the world's most populous country...7/9

Other Stories

Shot Pakistan schoolgirl Malala Yousafzai addresses UN

(BBC News) Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani girl shot by the Taliban, has told the UN that books and pens scare extremists, as she urged education for all. Speaking on her 16th birthday, Malala said efforts to silence her had failed...7/12

ObamaCare Will Now Add To Deficits In First 10 Years

(Investor's Business Daily) In September 2009, President Obama promised the country that "I will not sign a plan that adds one dime to our deficits — either now or in the future."...7/12