July 17, 2014
ORNL in the News

Thom Mason on SNS expansion: ‘Even in tough times, you need to be doing new things in science’

(Knoxville News Sentinel) This is perceived to be a pretty tough time to get new projects funded in Congress, but Oak Ridge National Laboratory Director Thom Mason said there’s still a plan to get started on an expansion of the Spallation Neutron Source sometime in the next two to four years...7/15

ORNL, UTGSM Study Compares Structures of Huntington’s Disease Protein

(Newswise) Neutron scattering research at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory has revealed clear structural differences in the normal and pathological forms of a protein involved in Huntington’s disease...7/16

Energy Department Invests $14 Million in Innovative Building Efficiency Technologies

(EDC Magazine) The Energy Department announced up to $14 million in funding for 15 research and development projects to support technologies that will contribute to advancing early-stage, breakthrough energy-efficient solutions for buildings and homes...7/16

Science and Technology

Physicists Crush Diamonds With Giant Laser

(NPR) Physicists have used the world's most powerful laser to zap diamonds. The results, they say, could tell us more about the cores of giant planets...7/17

Supercomputers reveal strange, stress-induced transformations in world's thinnest materials

(PhysOrg) Interested in an ultra-fast, unbreakable, and flexible smart phone that recharges in a matter of seconds? Monolayer materials may make it possible...7/17

Safety lapses in US government labs spark debate

(Nature) Head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention pledges ‘comprehensive, sweeping change’ after incidents involving influenza and anthrax...7/16

Energy and Science Policy

House of Representatives Passes Energy and Water Development Appropriations Bill

(AIP) The House of Representatives has completed work on the appropriations bill funding the Department of Energy in Fiscal Year 2015.  The $34 billion bill was passed last Thursday night by a vote of 253-170...7/14

White House Announces Climate Change Initiatives

(NY Times) President Obama announced a series of climate change initiatives on Wednesday aimed at guarding the electricity supply; improving local planning for flooding, coastal erosion and storm surges; and better predicting landslide risks as sea levels rise and storms and droughts intensify...7/16


What’s the future of Clark Center Park?

(Knoxville News Sentinel) After receiving unofficial information that Clark Center Park — a long-time favorite recreation area on Department of Energy property at Melton Hill Lake — may be closed, I called John Shewairy, assistant manager for administration at DOE’s Oak Ridge Office, and asked him about the situation...7/16

DOE-Oak Ridge Office names diversity, employee concerns manager

(Oak Ridge Today) Moses Madera, a United States Air Force veteran, was recently named manager of diversity programs and employee concerns for the U.S. Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge Office...7/16

World’s Largest Post-Combustion Carbon Capture Project Begins Construction

(Energy.gov) The Department of Energy – in partnership with NRG Energy Inc. and JX Nippon – announced that construction has begun on the first commercial-scale post-combustion carbon capture retrofit project in the U.S., the largest such project in the world...7/15

Local and STate

TVA ranked 9th in nation for green power sales

(AP) ...The U.S. Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory ranked TVA at number nine nationally for 2013...7/16

Supercomputer Research Sheds Light on Red Blood Cell Function in Spleen

(Tennessee Today) Using the Darter supercomputer at UT’s National Institute of Computational Sciences, a team of researchers is modeling the biophysics of red blood cells to understand their behavior in the spleen, with the aim of finding cures to diseases...7/16

Eyes of world on Chattanooga with VW announcement

(Times Free-Press) Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke said today that “the eyes of the world” are on the city with Volkswagen’s plans to more than double its workforce to about 4,400 jobs at its plant here and invest $600 million...7/15