Thursday, July 18, 2013
ORNL in the News

Energy Department Projects Win 38 R&D 100 Awards for 2013

(U.S. DOE) The Energy Department's national laboratories have been recognized by R&D Magazine with 38 R&D 100 Awards for the most outstanding technology developments with promising commercial potential...Oak Ridge National Laboratory was also recognized for three EERE-funded projects...7/17

ORNL’s surplus: cool for schools

(Knoxville News Sentinel) In 2012, Oak Ridge National Laboratory donated $1.7 million worth of surplus science-related property to non-profit organizations, including local schools, according to info released by the lab...7/17


Energy Department Invests to Save Small Buildings Money by Saving Energy

( Building on President Obama’s Climate Action Plan, which calls for steady, responsible steps to reduce carbon pollution and reduce energy bills for U.S. businesses, the Energy Department today announced an award of $10 million for six projects to help small commercial buildings save money by saving energy...7/17

ORAU wins $4.2M contract from Homeland Security

(Knoxville News Sentinel) Oak Ridge Associated Universities has been awarded a five-year ”blanket purchase agreement” from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security...7/17

Y-12 labs: Teachers watch frozen bananas snap, use bike to power light bulbs

(Oak Ridge Today) ...The teachers were at the Y-12 National Security Complex on Friday for “show and tell” laboratories, learning experiments from Y-12 engineers and scientists that they could take back to their classrooms...7/17


Federal Reserve chief tells Congress: You're making weak economy worse

(CS Monitor) Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said Wednesday that the US economy needs more help from the fiscal policies that Congress controls, not just from the Fed’s own stimulus efforts...7/17

East Tennessee

Bridge linking Fort Sanders and World's Fair Park draws interest

(Knoxville News Sentinel) A proposed pedestrian bridge, estimated to cost as much as $3.7 million and connect the Fort Sanders area with World’s Fair Park, had its feasibility findings unveiled Tuesday by city officials in the L&N STEM Academy building...7/16

UT Medical Center highest ranked Knoxville area hospital

(Knoxville News Sentinel) The University of Tennessee Medical Center is the highest-ranking area hospital at No. 3. Vanderbilt University Medical Center is the state’s top hospital, according to U.S News...7/16

energy & science policy

Senate FY 2014 Department of Education STEM Programs Funding Bill

(Oak Ridge National) The Department of Education provides funding for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education through a number of programs...7/16

science & technology

Researchers turn off Down’s syndrome genes

(Nature) Silencing extra chromosome in cell cultures could lead to new treatments for the disease...7/17

A Peek Inside A Once Top Secret Spot In Atomic Age History

(NPR) People tend to remember that the atomic bomb was developed at Los Alamos, N.M., and Oak Ridge, Tenn., but they often forget about a third nuclear production complex — the Hanford Site in Richland, Wash. It's where they built the world's first full-scale nuclear reactor...7/16

Battery Seen as Way to Cut Heat-Related Power Losses

(NY Times) ...Eos plans to work with the utilities to test small-scale versions of the batteries and how they connect to different power grid systems. The eventual goal would be to develop a battery the size of a cargo container for use on a commercial scale...7/16

GPS Reveals Hurricane Wind Speeds

(National Geographic) ...scientists have learned how to measure the speed of the wind at the ocean's surface by observing how much GPS signals are distorted when bouncing off the moving water waves...7/17

Other Stories

U.S. moves more oil out of North Dakota by rail than the Trans-Alaskan pipeline

(Scientific American) Despite the disaster in Lac-Megantic, Quebec, transporting oil by rail is likely to increase in the coming years...7/17

College students defaulting at record rate

(USA Today) Student loan defaults have risen for the fifth straight year, as students from traditional non-profit universities have an increasingly difficult time paying off their college debt...7/17