Tuesday, July 23, 2013
ORNL in the News

RFID Tracks Chemical Inventory at Oak Ridge National Laboratory

(RFID Journal) Four years after an initial installation of radio frequency identification technology, and following several years of improving on that deployment, Oak Ridge National Laboratory is monitoring its inventory of chemicals within 1,200 individual storage areas...7/22

ADIOS wins R&D 100 Award

(SC Online News) Technology developed with contributions by professors and graduate students at Rutgers has been selected for R&D Magazine’s R&D 100 Awards...The winner is ADIOS: Adaptable I/O System for Big Data, developed by a group including Manish Parashar, director of the Rutgers Discovery Informatics Institute...Parashar has collaborated with the project lead, Scott Klasky of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory...7/22

DOE to invest $13M in drop-in biofuels

(Biomass Magazine) The U.S. DOE has announced a $13 million investment in four biofuel projects, with the goal of bringing next-generation biofuel production online faster, while driving down the cost of drop-in renewable fuels...Oak Ridge National Laboratory will receive up to $2.1 to use a microbial electrolysis process to remove hydrogen in water found in bio-oil...7/22


Dollars and sense?

(Knoxville News Sentinel) Fiscal year 2012 was a tough year at the Y-12 nuclear weapons plant, punctuated by an unprecedented security breach and two contractors — B&W Y-12, the managing contractor, and WSI-Oak Ridge, the protective forces contractor — threatened with the loss of their contracts via “show cause” orders from the government...7/22

State & Regional

Tennessee sales tax holiday is Aug. 2-4

(Tennessee Today) This year’s sales tax holiday in Tennessee is scheduled to start at 12:01 a.m. on Friday, Aug. 2, and end Sunday, Aug. 4, at 11:59 p.m...7/22


Al Qaeda growing, but less focused on US, study finds

(CS Monitor) The number of Al Qaeda affiliates has expanded, as have their geographic scope, but the terror network has become more diffuse and decentralized, the RAND study found...7/22

Lack Of Leaders Puts Strain On Homeland Security Department

(NPR) Janet Napolitano's announcement that she'll be stepping down as Department of Homeland Security secretary after four years on the job leaves an opening at the top of the key Cabinet agency. But it's not the only job opening at Homeland Security...7/22

East Tennessee

UT research center receives $18.6 million grant

(Knoxville News Sentinel) The University of Tennessee has received an $18.6 million renewal grant from the National Science Foundation for a high-profile math and biology interdisciplinary research center...7/22

energy & science policy

Photos Go Inside Germany’s Disappearing Nuclear Power Plants

(Wired) Germany has agreed to close all of their nuclear power plants by 2022, but before that happens, German photographer Michael Danner wanted to get in and photograph them...7/22

science & technology

3-D printing is coming soon to a computer near you

(Tennessean) Need a new smartphone case, lamp or spare part for your car? What about an iPad stand, toothbrush holder or statement piece of jewelry? Sure, you could go out and buy these things, but why bother when you can print them yourself?...7/21

New Plan of Attack in Cancer Fight: Two-Drug Combination, Under Certain Circumstances, Can Eliminate Disease

(Science Daily) ...under certain conditions, using two drugs in a "targeted therapy" -- a treatment approach designed to interrupt cancer's ability to grow and spread -- could effectively cure nearly all cancers...7/19

Floating Nuclear Power: Inside Russia's Reactors at Sea

(Popular Science) Russia plans to build floating reactors that can dock at remote Arctic cities to provide energy and fresh water. Here's how they work...7/15

Weeds warrant urgent conservation

(Nature) Report finds that more than half of the wild relatives of 29 globally important crops are not adequately conserved in seed banks...7/22

Other Stories

Golden years shorter in Southern states

(AP) Hawaii tops the charts in the government's first state-by-state look at how long Americans age 65 can expect to live, on average, and how many of those remaining years will be healthy ones...7/19

Japan's Fukushima Operator Acknowledges Contaminated Water Flowing into Sea

(Reuters) The operator of Japan's stricken Fukushima nuclear power plant said on Monday that contaminated ground water had likely been flowing into the sea, acknowledging such a leakage for the first time...7/22