Monday, July 24, 2017
ORNL in the News

3D Production Costs3-D printing at ORNL could cut down production costs

(WVLT TV) Oak Ridge National Lab is using printers to build everything from heavy equipment to army trucks, printed in about 12 hours. The technology started as a way to build prototypes. But ORNL is taking printing to new dimensions. Bill Peter, the director of ORNL's Manufacturing Demonstration Facility, said, "For us, we're trying to push that envelope."...7/20

ORNL on track for record year for worker safety

(The Knoxville News Sentinel) Oak Ridge National Laboratory is on track to have a record year for worker safety. Lab records begin at the turn of the fiscal year. Since Oct. 1, 2016, the lab has had just 20 recordable injuries - that is, injuries that require treatment beyond standard first aid...7/21

US Navy and ORNL Team Up to Develop the Military's First 3D Printed Submarine Hull on the BAAM

(3D Print) 3D printing technology is used often in the military these days: the Marine Corps created a 3D printed surveillance drone and are learning to use the technology to solve on-site problems, and the Air Force in South Africa, Brazil, Israel, and the US have all found applications for the technology...7/21

Michelle BuchananBuchanan named deputy for science, technology at ORNL

(Oak Ridge Today) Michelle Buchanan, an accomplished scientific leader and researcher, has been appointed deputy for science and technology at the U.S. Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory by new Lab Director Thomas Zacharia, a press release said. Her appointment is effective October 1...7/20

Space station project seeks to crystalize the means to CounterACT nerve poisons

(PharmaBiz) The microgravity conditions of the International Space Station (ISS) may hold the key to improving our understanding of how to combat toxic nerve agents such as sarin and VX. That is the hope of Countermeasures Against Chemical Threats (CounterACT) project...In June of this year, samples of the human AChE enzyme were sent to the International Space Station U.S. Laboratory by a team of CounterACT scientists led by Andrey Kovalevsky, Ph.D., Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, and Zoran Radic, Ph.D., University of California, San Diego...7/22


Science and Technology

US defence agencies grapple with gene drives

(Nature News) The JASONs, a group of elite scientists that advises the US government on national security, has weighed in on issues ranging from cyber security ​to renewing America's nuclear arsenal. But at a meeting in June, the secretive group took stock of a new threat: gene drives...7/21

ISS -Google Street ViewGround Control to Major Google: Space Station Street View Is Here

(Scientific American) Forget views of side streets and poorly parked cars – why not explore the International Space Station (ISS) instead? Earlier this week Google Maps released its first-ever Street View in space, and now, Earthlings can virtually navigate through astronauts’ home away from home...7/22

Energy and Science Policy

Senate bill also rejects Trump's science cut, increases funding instead

(Oak Ridge Today) An appropriations bill approved by a Senate subcommittee on Tuesday rejects the Trump administration's proposal to cut $919 million in funding from the U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Science in the fiscal year that starts October 1...7/20

Nominee for Department of Energy's undersecretary for science draws praise

(Science/AAAS) It looked like the sort of appointment that would make many scientists uneasy. Last week, the White House announced the nomination of Paul Dabbar, now an investment banker, as undersecretary for science for the Department of Energy (DOE)...7/19


Y-12‘s Biology Complex would be top priority if excess cleanup funding available

(Oak Ridge Today) If excess funding is available, the federal cleanup program in Oak Ridge has a top priority: the Biology Complex at the Y-12 National Security Complex. The budget request submitted to Congress by President Donald Trump on Tuesday, May 23, included $225 million for high-risk excess contaminated facilities at Y-12 and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California...7/23

US to spend $40m on bioenergy research

(Energy Live News) The US Department of Energy (DoE) has announced it will spend $40 million (£30.9m) on advancing four Bioenergy Research Centres (BRCs). It is hoped the funding will help researchers provide the scientific breakthroughs for a new generation of sustainable, cost-effective biotechnology...7/21

K-25 FoundationSenate bill recommends $8 million for K-25 historic preservation work

(Oak Ridge Today) A bill approved by the Senate Appropriations Committee on Thursday recommends $8 million for K-25 historic preservation work. If approved, the funding would help preserve the historic contributions that the K-25 Site made to the Manhattan Project, a top-secret federal program to build the world's first atomic bombs during World War II...7/23

Local and State

Unemployment Rate Reaches a Record Low in Tennessee

( Gov. Bill Haslam and other state officials exulted Thursday as Tennessee's unemployment rate sank to its lowest point in recorded state history last month.The preliminary seasonally adjusted jobless rate of 3.6 percent in June burst through Tennessee's previous low of 3.7 percent, reported in March 2000...7/21

Oak Ridge Water Treatment PlantEPA picks Oak Ridge to apply for new loan program for new water plant

(Oak Ridge Today) The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has invited the City of Oak Ridge to apply for a new federal loan program for the city's proposed new water plant, a press release said. The City of Oak Ridge water plant is one of 12 projects in nine states to apply for more than $2 billion in Water Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act (WIFIA) Loans, the EPA said in a press release Wednesday...7/23

Migraines, coughs, infections, boils plagued workers cleaning up ash spill

(The Knoxville News Sentinel) With hundreds of workers called in from all over the country to help clean up the nation's largest coal ash spill, few knew each other before the job. But they would come to share a slew of symptoms. "Everybody had blisters," Knoxville native Ansol Clark said. Worker Jeff Brewer described them as "festering boils" that would burst and scar his skin...7/21