Thursday, July 26, 2012
ORNL in the News

Arcam, ORNL sign cooperation agreement

(R&D Magazine) Arcam and Oak Ridge National Laboratory have signed a cooperation agreement under which the parties will facilitate the introduction of Arcam's EBM technology to U.S. industry through a manufacturing demonstration facility (MDF). ORNL purchased its first Arcam EBM system in 2009. Since that time ORNL and Arcam have worked together to create opportunities for U.S .industry to adopt Arcam's EBM technology to meet emerging advanced manufacturing challenges...7/25

Johnson Controls partners with the U.S. Department of Energy to save $264 million at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory

(PR Newswire) The U.S. Department of Energy announced it expects to save more than $264 million and reduce fossil fuel use by 72 percent at its Oak Ridge National Laboratory through energy and operational efficiency measures over the 25-year performance period. Through an energy savings performance contract with Johnson Controls, the global leader in delivering energy solutions, the project is expected to deliver these results through the installation of a new biomass steam plant and seven additional conservation measures...7/26


Drought devastates US crops

(Nature) Scorching temperatures and scarce rainfall has left large swathes of the United States in drought, with the 'breadbasket states', such as Iowa and Indiana, among the worst affected...7/25


Top U.S. Energy Department Official Visits Iowa, Calls on Congress to Extend Clean Energy Tax Credits

( Today, Under Secretary for Energy (Acting) and Assistant Secretary for Policy & International Affairs, David Sandalow traveled to Iowa to highlight President Obama’s strategy to develop every source of American energy...7/25

East Tennessee

Annual math conference under way in Knoxville

(AP) About 400 scientists and undergraduate students are expected in Knoxville for the annual meeting of the Society for Mathematical Biology...7/26

State & Regional

Tennessee kids rank well in health, poor in education

(AP) The latest comparison by the Annie E. Casey Foundation finds Tennessee's kids are the healthiest in the South...7/25

TVA considering fuel made from nuclear weapons

(AP) The Department of Energy is preparing an environmental impact statement on the use of fuel made from surplus nuclear weapons to power Tennessee Valley Authority nuclear plants...7/25

energy & science policy

US opens 285,000 public acres to solar development

(PV Magazine) The U.S. Bureau of Land Management, in partnership with the Departments of Interior and Energy, has identified 17 Solar Energy Zones (SEZs) on public lands, covering 285,000 acres across six southwestern states, as priority areas for utility-scale solar development, the Obama Administration announced on July 24...7/25

science & technology

Antarctic Research Upgrades Could Put Polar Science on Ice

(Scientific American) The mounting cost of maintaining U.S. research operations in Antarctica is putting the squeeze on polar science, according to a new review by an independent panel commissioned by the White House...7/24

New Satellites Could Make GPS Harder to Jam

(Wired News) Without GPS, drones can’t fly, communications networks can’t function, and you don’t have a chance of figuring out how to get to your Aunt Sadie’s place in New Jersey. And right now, GPS is highly vulnerable because its weak signals are coming from an aging constellation of satellites...7/26

Bird Flu Researchers To Meet About Research Moratorium

(NPR) Top influenza researchers around the world published a statement back in January saying they would temporarily hold off on any work with contagious, lab-altered forms of a particularly worrisome form of bird flu...7/23

New hybrid material simplifies organic transistor design

(PhysOrg) In one of the most recent studies in this area, researchers have blended two molecular components together to fabricate a hybrid material whose electronic properties can be switched between two energy states when illuminated by light of different wavelengths...7/25

Other Stories

U.S. Automakers See Their Cars Zip in China

(The Atlantic) Crowds swarmed the Beijing Auto Show in April but they thronged thickest around foreign-made cars, illustrating the challenge ahead for domestic Chinese manufacturers...7/19