Monday, July 27, 2015
ORNL in the News

Brian WirthUT-ORNL Nuclear Expert Wirth Honored in Washington, DC

(Tennessee Today) Nuclear energy expert Brian Wirth, a joint UT College of Engineering and Oak Ridge National Laboratory appointee, received the Ernest Orlando Lawrence Award from US Department of Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz at a Washington, DC, ceremony Thursday night...7/24

Platinum nanocagesNovel Fabrication Technique Helps Produce Ultra-Thin Hollow Platinum Nanocages for Fuel Cells

(AZ Nano) Researchers from Georgia Tech, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Arizona State University and Xiamen University in China have developed a new fabrication method that minimizes the need for expensive metal to induce catalytic activity in fuel cell applications...7/27

ORNL has 13 finalists for R&D 100 Award

(Oak Ridge Today) Thirteen technologies from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory have been selected as finalists for R&D 100 Awards, the annual technology prizes given by R&D Magazine. ORNL is lead developer in 10 of the technologies and a partner developer in another three technologies that made the finalist list...7/24

DOE says no threat of detonation in plutonium storage drums

(The Knoxville News Sentinel) The U.S. Department of Energy has ruled out the threat of detonation in a "small population" of drums containing plutonium, a high-hazard radioactive material, and determined the drums are safe for long-term storage. The DOE said contractors are now assessing the best way to repackage and dispose of the waste drums that have been stored at Oak Ridge National Laboratory for three decades...7/24

Science and Technology

TOPLESSClues to human molecular interactions

(Science Daily) Scientists have unraveled how an important plant protein, known as TOPLESS, interacts with other molecules responsible for turning genes off. The findings in plants provide a general model across species for this type of gene silencing, which is linked to several vital biological functions in humans...7/24

Energy and Science Policy

PCAST Discusses New Frontiers in Human Space Exploration

(AIP) On July 14, the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST) met to discuss three topics, among them an update from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and its leading commercial space industry partners on the progress being made in new frontiers in human space exploration...7/24


Alexander's Bipartisan Energy COMPETES Reauthorization And Supercomputing Legislation Included In Bipartisan Senate Energy Package

(The Chattanoogan) Senator Lamar Alexander announced Wednesday that two pieces of bipartisan legislation, of which he is the primary author, the Energy Title of America COMPETES Reauthorization Act of 2015 and the ExaSCALE Computing Leadership Act of 2015, are included in a broad bipartisan energy bill...7/22

US Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz: A Cabinet star is born

(The Boston Globe) Sitting on the bench of a soccer field in Needham, his long silver hair restrained by a vintage terry cloth headband, he could be mistaken for an extra from The Royal Tenenbaums. He is just 5 feet 7, and with his black athletic socks pulled up high and his baggy blue shorts hanging down low, that leaves only a couple of inches of exposed kneecap between them...7/22

Y-12 works on project to counter spread of nukes

(The Knoxville News Sentinel) Y-12 is known as a nuclear weapons production plant, but it’s also a go-to facility for the government’s efforts to stem the proliferation of weapons on a worldwide basis...7/24

LANL nuclear safety panned in U.S. report

(Albuquerque Journal) A new government report gives poor marks to Los Alamos National Laboratory on its state of nuclear safety, saying the lab continues to have problems “fully implementing a number of critical nuclear safety management requirements.”...7/21

ORAUORAU's role in jeopardy as DOE seeks bids on contract

(The Knoxville News Sentinel) UPDATED-Oak Ridge Associated Universities has been a government contractor here since 1946 — when it was known as the Oak Ridge Institute for Nuclear Studies — but that's subject to change because the U.S. Department of Energy is putting ORAU's contract up for bids. The DOE last week released the official "request for proposals" for management of the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education. The proposals are due by 2 p.m. Sept. 8...7/27

Local and State

Tennessee joins lawsuit fighting environmental rule

(The Tennessean) Tennessee has joined Ohio and Michigan in challenging a controversial environmental rule that they say gives federal agencies too much authority over many of the country’s smaller streams and wetlands, state Attorney General Herbert Slatery announced this week...7/24