Thursday, July 30, 2015
ORNL in the News

Researchers Build Bacteria’s Photosynthetic Engine

(Newswise) 100-million-atom chromatophore simulation provides unprecedented look into how bacteria harvest light for food...7/29

New research will boost grasp of North American carbon cycle

(EurekAlert) ...with a new grant from the Department of Agriculture, Brunsell and colleagues Rodrigo Vargas of the University of Delaware and Daniel Hayes of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory are undertaking an investigation to reduce uncertainty in carbon cycle science in the U.S. and Mexico...7/29

ORNL kicks off United Way campaign

(WBIR-TV) The Oak Ridge National Laboratory kicked off its annual United Way fundraising campaign on Monday. The lab hosted a lunch for its employees and invited representatives from about 20 different agencies who partner with the United Way...7/27

Science and Technology

America Offline  

(The Atlantic) The population of people in the United States who don't have an Internet connection is down to 15 percent, new data from Pew Research shows. That's the equivalent of about 47 million people, which at first sounds like a lot—at least to someone immersed in all things online most of the time...7/28

The Next-Generation Nanomachines Are Already Inside You

(Popular Mechanics) Scientists discover a way to genetically engineer ribosomes, the molecule-building factories in all cells, which could provide a way to build the tiny machines of the future...7/29

Energy and Science Policy

National Institutes of Health Seeks Public Input on New Strategic Plan

(AIP) ...NIH issued the three-page Request for Information last week.  It presents the three main components of a Framework for the Strategic Plan...7/28

Obama wants the U.S. to Build the World's Fastest Supercomputer

(Wired News) President Barack Obama has signed an executive order authorizing the creation of new supercomputing research initiative called the National Strategic Computing Initiative, or NSCI. Its goal: pave the for the first exaflop supercomputer—something that’s about 30 times faster than today’s fastest machines...7/29


Choosing superintendent, site managers for park

(Knoxville News Sentinel) According to a spokeswoman for the National Park Service, the NPS hopes to have a superintendent for the new Manhattan Project National Historical Park in place by early 2016...7/29

Reducing material at risk in Y-12 production facilities

(Knoxville News Sentinel) A point of emphasis in preparing for the multibillion-dollar Uranium Processing Facility at Y-12 is to reduce the inventory of highly enriched uranium in existing production facilities — with a particular focus on removing “material at risk” in the World War II-era 9212 uranium complex. There reportedly has been progress made over the past six months...7/27

3 Reasons We’re Closer to an Algae Future than You Think

( Tiny algae organisms have big potential for America’s clean energy future. These microscopic green machines convert sunlight into energy, storing it in the form of natural oils that can be extracted to fuel planes, cars and trains...7/29

Local and State

Support Reaches All-Time High

(Tennessee Today) UT Knoxville received nearly $235 million in private and corporate gifts last fiscal year, marking the most successful fundraising year in its history...3/27