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How serious is the Y-12 security breach? Could it affect contract competitions?

(Knoxville News Sentinel) This is an unusual contracting time at the Y-12 nuclear weapons plant, with lots at stake, and it's impossible to ignore the potential impact of this past weekend's security breach...7/30

Iowa's Clean Energy Economy is Working

(Energy.gov) This week, I visited Keystone Electrical Manufacturing Co. in Des Moines and an Acciona plant in West Branch. As we toured the factory floor of Keystone Electrical, CEO Fred Buie told me about Keystone’s successful business selling switchboards and other electrical equipment...7/28

State & Regional

Walking HorseWalking horse groups miss deadline to adopt inspection rules

(The Tennessean) The federal government could soon decertify three organizations that regulate the walking horse industry for not adopting new inspection rules...7/31


Power grids fail, leaving 600 million without power in India

(USA Today) India's energy crisis cascaded over half the country Tuesday when three of its regional grids collapsed, leaving more than 600 million people without government-supplied electricity in one of the world's biggest-ever blackouts...7/31

DroughtDrought strains U.S. oil production

(CNN) One of the worst droughts in U.S. history is hampering oil production, pitting farmers against oilmen and highlighting just how dependent on water modern U.S. energy development has become...7/31

East Tennessee

Preliminary hearing set for Y-12 vandalism suspects

A trio with a long history of protesting nuclear weapons remain in custody after breaching one of the most secure sites on the globe.

science & technology

brainBrains Are Different in People With Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory

(Science Daily) UC Irvine scientists have discovered intriguing differences in the brains and mental processes of an extraordinary group of people who can effortlessly recall every moment of their lives since about age 10...7/30

Civilian Drones to Search for Downed Power Lines During Blackouts

(Popular Science) Today in ways the impending domestic drone explosion is going to change your life: a number of utilities are testing new technologies that will allow them to quickly diagnose grid problems and rapidly restore electricity to areas stricken by blackouts--technologies that include augmented reality apps and aerial drones...7/30

Turkey Stone GiantArcheologists unearth extraordinary human sculpture in Turkey

(PhysOrg) A beautiful and colossal human sculpture is one of the latest cultural treasures unearthed by an international team at the Tayinat Archaeological Project (TAP) excavation site in southeastern Turkey. A large semi-circular column base, ornately decorated on one side, was also discovered...7/30

Storm Scents: You Can Smell Oncoming Rain

(Live Science) When people say they can smell a storm coming, they're right. Weather patterns produce distinctive odors that sensitive noses sniff out. This year's peculiar weather patterns—such as drought in the Midwest and a "super derecho" of thunderstorms earlier this summer—are no exception...7/24

Other Stories

Olympics fans find ways to circumvent NBC's online control

(Reuters) It took Jason Legate, a Walnut Creek, California-resident, all of 10 minutes to connect his computer to a London-based server and access BBC's coverage of the Olympics Saturday, thereby circumventing NBC's lock on coverage in the United States...7/30

5 lessons Bernanke has learned on the job

(Wall Street Journal Market Watch) Back in 2006 when Ben Bernanke was named chairman of the Federal Reserve, he knew he’d make some mistakes, but he was pretty sure the Fed wouldn’t do what the United States did in the 1930s or what Japan did in the 1990s that allowed depressed conditions to persist for years...7/30