Thursday, August 4, 2011
ORNL in the News

Honor for ORNL's Camden Hubbard

(Knoxville News Sentinel) Camden Hubbard of Oak Ridge National Laboratory has been elected a 2011 fellow of ASM International. Hubbard heads the Diffraction and Thermophysical Properties research group in ORNL's Materials Science & Technology Division...8/3

Carbon fiber niche player eyes the big leagues

(Automotive News) As the infant carbon fiber industry takes shape, one company worth watching is Plasan Carbon Composites, the subsidiary of an Israeli maker of armor for military vehicles...To develop cheaper raw materials, Plasan and 13 other companies formed a research consortium in June with the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Plasan has assigned a researcher to work in Oak Ridge's labs, Staargaard says...8/1

ORNL Establishes Carbon Fiber Composites Consortium

(ASI) Oak Ridge National Laboratory recently announced that 14 companies have joined with the organization to establish the Oak Ridge Carbon Fiber Composites Consortium. The new endeavor will work to accelerate the development, demonstration and commercial application of new low-cost carbon fiber and composites materials in several industry sectors...8/3

Suppliers are cutting the cost of carbon fiber

(Automotive news) Expecting a surge in automakers' demand for carbon fiber, suppliers are gearing up to cut costs and produce the high volumes that the industry will need. In July, 14 companies announced a consortium with Oak Ridge National Laboratory to develop a carbon fiber that might cost as little as $5 to $7 a pound -- down from $15 to $20 a pound today. Oak Ridge is building a $35 million pilot plant that will produce up to 25 tons of carbon fiber a year. The partners will use the plant to test new raw materials...8/1

Dispute threatens to delay NTRC expansion

(Knoxville News Sentinel) A dispute over how to bring power to a Hardin Valley industrial park could delay completion of the expansion of the National Transportation Research Center. The NTRC, a joint effort between Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the University of Tennessee Center for Transportation Research, is on Cherahala Boulevard just off Hardin Valley Road...8/3


Digging of hazardous Hanford site has begun

(KNDO-TV) After two years of preparation and characterization, the Department of Energy's River Corridor contractor, Washington Closure Hanford, has begun remediation of one of the most hazardous burial grounds tackled to date on the Hanford Site's River Corridor...8/3

State & Regional

Rare Tennessee coneflower makes a comeback

(Knoxville News Sentinel) A rare and lovely flower with a fondness for Tennessee's harshest growing environments has been removed from the federal endangered species list...7/4


Pressured by White House, Treasury Secretary Is Expected to Stay at Post

(NY Times) Timothy F. Geithner, the Treasury secretary and dean of President Obama’s economic team, is expected to stay through the president’s term after intense White House pressure, according to officials familiar with the discussions...8/3

East Tennessee

Oak Ridge graduate seeks $110K for Solar Initiative

(Oak Ridger) Ben Terpstra wants the community to get involved in the Oak Ridge Community Solar Initiative. Terpstra spoke last week about his idea of installing a solar power- generation facility at Oak Ridge High School, but he said he needs the community's support...8/2

energy & science policy

Inside Energy Extra

8/3 A daily report on U.S. energy policy
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- $2M in stolen ARRA funds said recovered
- Whitfield sees ongoing energy stalemate
- Philips bulb shines in DOE contest
- Murkowski backs alternative ANWR plan
- BOEM gets 1,350 calls for longer leases

science & technology

Moon Jr.: Once Upon a Time, the Earth Had Two

(Time) Earth must have felt pretty inadequate a week or two ago when astronomers announced that distant Pluto has yet another moon...8/3

Harnessing Robots to Study Inaccessible Arctic

(Scientific American) ...New robots could give polar scientists better access and improve understanding of climate change in the Arctic and Antarctic...8/3

Research group develops “superior conducting” solid state lithium battery

( A Japanese research group has developed a solid state lithium battery that appears to perform just as well as conventional liquid lithium ion batteries...8/3

Forty-One Percent of U.S. Abnormally Dry

(Discovery News) About 40 percent of the contiguous United States is currently parched by a rainfall shortage. July has seen the highest percentage of the United States in drought conditions ever recorded by the U.S. Drought Monitor...8/2

Other Stories

Syria unrest: UN condemns government crackdown

(BBC) The UN Security Council has condemned the Syrian government for its deadly crackdown on protesters...8/4