Thursday, August 5, 2010
ORNL in the News

Unprecedented look at oxide interfaces reveals unexpected structures on atomic scale

( Thin layers of oxide materials and their interfaces have been observed in atomic resolution during growth for the first time by researchers at the Center for Nanophase Materials Sciences at the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory, providing new insight into the complicated link between their structure and properties...8/4

Pulaski Startup Turns on Solar Parking Array

(Nashville Public Radio) A first-in-the-Southeast solar project started generating power Wednesday in southern Middle Tennessee. An awning of solar panels creates shaded parking and a way to charge electric vehicles...Right now, Oak Ridge National Lab is working on a charging station design for the Nissan LEAF, which comes out later this year...8/4

Thundat heads north for research chair

(Knoxville News Sentinel) Thomas Thundat, a Corporate Fellow and highly decorated researcher at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, has joined the faculty at the University of Alberta in Canada. Thundat holds the Canada Excellence Research Chair in Oil Sands Molecular Engineering in the university's Chemical and Materials Engineering Department...8/4

Teacher lauds InvenTeam support

(Oak Ridger) One of the nicest things about being a teacher in Oak Ridge is the community support we receive for education. I recently experienced the incredible extent of this support when my students and I applied for -- and won! -- a $10,000 invention grant from the Lemelson-MIT Foundation to design and build a micro-scale, hydroelectric-powered water purification system...Through the wonderful generosity of Science Applications International Corporation, the Oak Ridge Institute of Continued Learning, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and several incredibly generous private individuals, we accumulated enough in donations to greatly reduce our travel expenses...8/4

St. Lucie officials, residents hopeful agreement with Tennessee lab will create jobs

(TCPalm) The area’s agreement last week with Oak Ridge National Laboratory could be the stimulus needed to turn the county’s green energy training program into employment opportunities, local officials said...“Oak Ridge is going to come in and they’re going to help us stimulate the job process through research and development,” [Julian] Nazario said. “Oak Ridge is going to open the doors for jobs.” ...8/4

Dual-fuel lab engines achieve high efficiencies, low emissions

(Automotive Engineering Online) ...Engineers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory have tested a multicylinder dual-fuel RCCI engine (a modified four-cylinder, 1.9-L European GM diesel), said Robert Wagner, Acting Director of the Fuels, Engines, and Emissions Research Center there. The efficiency improvements are not as large as the single-cylinder power plants, he said, because of the increased complexity of multiple cylinders—turbocharging, a real EGR system, cylinder-to-cylinder and cycle-to-cycle losses...8/4


Steelworkers get 4% raises, $1,000 bonus

(Knoxville News Sentinel) A new two-year contract between the United Steelworkers (Local 9-288) and Bechtel Jacobs Co. was announced today. The 212 hourly workers at the East Tennessee Technology Park are scheduled to get a 4 percent pay raise in each of the two years, with a one-time $1,000 "contract ratification payment" on Sept. 9...8/4

East Tennessee

UT Knoxville earns 'best value,' 'least beautiful' rankings

(Knoxville News Sentinel) The University of Tennessee's Knoxville campus gets high marks for "Best Value." Sewanee: University of the South is one of the prettiest in the United States. And Vanderbilt University has one of the most Greek campuses. That's according to The Princeton Review, a college evaluation and consulting company that released its annual college rankings this week....8/4


U.S., Hanoi in Nuclear Talks

(NY Times) The Obama administration is in advanced negotiations to share nuclear fuel and technology with Vietnam in a deal that would allow Hanoi to enrich its own uranium—terms that critics on Capitol Hill say would undercut the more stringent demands the U.S. has been making of its partners in the Middle East...8/5

Funding Bill for States Clears Senate Hurdle

(Wall Street Journal) A measure to provide $26 billion in emergency aid to state and local governments to expand Medicaid and avoid teacher layoffs cleared a key Senate procedural hurdle Wednesday...8/4


energy & science policy

FY 2011 Senate Appropriations Bill: National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering

(AIP) Yesterday the Senate Appropriations Committee released the committee report accompanying S. 3686, the FY 2011 Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education Appropriations Bill. Under this bill, total funding for the National Institutes of Health would increase 3.5 percent, an amount the committee notes is “equal to the rate of biomedical inflation.”...8/4

Inside Energy Extra

8/4 A daily report on U.S. energy policy
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** House call-back may spell DOE loss
** Decades effect from spill: official
** White House lists conditions to lift ban
** Administration defends dispersants' use
** Policy uncertainty dogs wind power: DOE

science & technology

For the First Time Ever, Scientists Watch an Atom's Electrons Moving in Real Time

(Science Daily) An international team of scientists led by groups from the Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics (MPQ) in Garching, Germany, and from the U.S. Department of Energy's Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the University of California at Berkeley has used ultrashort flashes of laser light to directly observe the movement of an atom's outer electrons for the first time...8/5

Japanese and US whizzes claim new record for pi calculation -- five trillion decimal places

( A pair of Japanese and US computer whizzes claim to have calculated pi to five trillion decimal places -- a number which if verified eclipses the previous record set by a French software engineer...8/5

Other Stories

Tensions Rise As China Launches Show Of Force

(NPR) China's air force this week is conducting a five-day exercise involving scores of aircraft and 12,000 soldiers. Dubbed "Vanguard 2010," it is the latest sign of China flexing its muscles amid rising military tensions with the United States...8/5

America's Best Colleges 2009

(Forbes) The best public and private colleges and universities--from the student's point of view...8/5

Will dengue fever spread in U.S.? Too soon to tell, experts say

(USA Today) Two more cases of dengue fever were reported by health officials in Florida this week, bringing the total to 46 confirmed cases since last September, but a top government health official said it's too early to say whether the mosquito-borne tropical disease is gaining a foothold in the United States...8/4