ORNL in the News

ORNL, LANL study provides insights into performance of non-precious metal fuel-cell catalysts; atomic-level observations

(Green Car Congress) In order to reduce the cost of next-generation polymer electrolyte fuel cells for vehicles, researchers have been developing alternatives to the prohibitively expensive platinum and platinum-group metal (PGM) catalysts currently used in fuel cell electrodes...8/4

3-D printed furniture in UT Chancellor's office

(WVLT TV) Big orange pride is beaming all across University of Tennessee's campus just before school starts, but Chancellor Beverly Davenport's office lobby is already dressed for the occasion. When you walk in you'll notice an orange set of chairs and a Power T table all made from 3-D printers. It was a gift from Oak Ridge National Laboratory...8/4

DOE: National labs, including ORNL, helped found study of ecology

(Oak Ridge Today) Researchers at federal sites such as Oak Ridge National Laboratory first developed many of the concepts and tools that ecologists still use today, according to the U.S. Department of Energy...8/6

World's smallest neutrino detector finds big physics fingerprint

(Space Daily) After more than a year of operation at the Department of Energy's (DOE's) Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), the COHERENT experiment, using the world's smallest neutrino detector, has found a big fingerprint of the elusive, electrically neutral particles that interact only weakly with matter...8/7

SummitORNL building world’s smartest supercomputer

(Oak Ridge Today) Oak Ridge National Laboratory on Wednesday said it is building the world's smartest supercomputer. The new supercomputer is called Summit. It will be located in a new data center next to Titan, which is now the fourth most powerful supercomputer in the world. Summit will be 5-10 times faster than Titan, ORNL said...8/4

Science and Technology

NGC 1398Cosmic map reveals a not-so-lumpy Universe

(Nature News) Cosmologists have produced the biggest map yet of the Universe's structure and they find it less lumpy than previous surveys have suggested. The new results, part of the ongoing Dark Energy Survey (DES), charted the distribution of matter in part by measuring the way that mass bends light, an effect known as gravitational lensing...8/3

Energy and Science Policy

US to join climate talks despite Paris accord exit

(PhysOrg) The United States announced Friday it would still take part in international climate change negotiations in order to protect its interests, despite its planned withdrawal from the Paris accord on global warming...8/5


Senate confirms Trump’s pick for No. 2 at Energy Department

(Las Vegas Review Journal) An official who will play a key role in any effort to revive the nuclear waste repository at Yucca Mountain was confirmed overwhelmingly by the Senate on Thursday, despite opposition from Nevada's two senators. Dan Brouillette, nominated by President Donald Trump, was confirmed 79-19 to be the deputy secretary at the U.S. Department of Energy...8/3

Lab contractors repeatedly violate transport rules for dangerous goods

(Santa Fe New Mexican) Plutonium capable of being used in a nuclear weapon, conventional explosives and highly toxic chemicals have been improperly packaged or shipped by nuclear weapons contractors at least 25 times in the past five years, according to government documents...8/5

Local and State

Roane State joins National CyberWatch Center as college grows high-tech cyber defense program

(Oak Ridge Today) In this era of widespread hacking, ransomware, and other cyberattacks, Roane State Community College is about to launch an educational counterattack. Preparations are under way for the college to become a center for academic excellence in cyber defense...8/7

Judge orders TVA to remove coal ash at Tennessee power plant

(CBS News) A federal judge on Friday ordered the nation's largest public utility to dig up its coal ash at a Tennessee power plant and move it to a lined waste site where it doesn't risk further polluting the Cumberland River. U.S. District Judge Waverly Crenshaw in Nashville ruled in favor of the Tennessee Scenic Rivers Association and the Tennessee Clean Water Network...8/4

25 places (and counting) in East Tennessee to watch the 2017 solar eclipse

(The Knoxville News Sentinel) Areas of East Tennessee are hosting a variety of viewing parties or events for people to watch the Monday, Aug. 21, solar eclipse. Knox County students are out of school so area locations expect families will be looking for good places to study the darkening sky. Most events are free...8/4

Filling jobs toughest task for Tennessee manufacturers

(The Chattanooga Times Free Press) With one of every four factory workers retiring in the next decade, Tennessee manufacturers say their biggest worry is getting enough qualified workers for the future for increasingly technology-based factories, even with an average manufacturing wage in the state of $66,000...8/6