Monday, August 8, 2016
ORNL in the News

Researchers combine simulation, experiment for nanoscale 3-D printing

(Science Daily) A research team has created a high-power simulation and design process to print free-standing 3-D structures on the nanoscale using focused electron beam induced deposition. The simulation-guided nanomanufacturing method allows researchers to design and construct complex high-fidelity nanostructures with less guesswork...8/6

Growth Energy Commends Department of Energy Lab's Report Shwoing Benefits of Mid-Level Ethanol Blends

(Biofuels Journal) Recently, the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge, Argonne, and National Renewable Energy Laboratories released their "Summary of High Octane, Mid-Level Ethanol Blends Study." This scientific analysis showed the numerous benefits of using high octane mid-level ethanol blends in future optimized engines...8/4

Science and Technology

CMSHopes for revolutionary new LHC particle dashed

(Nature News) It would have been bigger than finding the Higgs boson and marked the beginning of a new era in particle physics. But new data have squashed the hope that the hints of a new particle detected by the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) would solidify with time...8/5

Mouse-Rat ChimeraNIH moves to lift moratorium on animal-human chimera research

(Science Magazine) The National Institutes of Health (NIH) today announced that the agency soon expects to lift a moratorium on funding for controversial experiments that add human stem cells to animal embryos, creating an organism that is part animal, part human. Instead, these so-called chimera studies will undergo an extra layer of ethical review but may ultimately be allowed to proceed...8/4

Energy and Science Policy

Science Agency Funding Levels for 2017 Coming into Focus

(AIP) With the House and Senate Appropriations Committees having completed work on all 12 of the appropriations bills that make up the discretionary part of the federal budget, a clearer picture is emerging of lawmakers’ priorities for science agency funding next year. Current congressional proposals diverge in major ways from the president’s budget request and altogether show no clear pattern of support or opposition...8/5

Sen. Alexander Proposes Windfall for Energy Research by Eliminating Wind Energy Tax Credit

(AIP) Sen. Lamar Alexander has introduced a bill that, if enacted, would authorize a multibillion-dollar increase in energy research funding while eliminating the wind production tax credit. These provisions reflect the senator’s longstanding priorities in the development of new clean energy options...8/4


Hydropower GrowthEnergy Department Sees Room for Hydropower Growth

(ECT) New technologies are among factors that could boost U.S. hydropower generation by nearly 50 gigawatts by 2050, the Department of Energy says. Key to the project increase is pumped-storage hydropower, which involves storing and generating energy by moving water between two reservoirs at different elevations. That could add 36 GW to the current 21.6 GW of pumped storage by mid-century, the department said in a July 26 report...8/4

Energy Department Partners with Cleantech Open to Help Startups Bring Technologies to Market Faster

(EIN Presswire) The Energy Department’s Building Technologies Office is partnering with Cleantech Open, a not-for-profit organization that runs the world's largest cleantech accelerator. This year, select participants in DOE’s JUMP program, an online crowdsourcing community for building technologies, will be advanced into Cleantech Open’s Accelerator Program, based on their technical merit and market relevance...8/5

Energy Department improves whistleblower protections

(The Hill) The Department of Energy (DOE) has rolled out two new measures aimed at cracking down on whistleblower retaliation by the contractor companies that run national laboratories. The new actions, announced late Thursday by DOE general counsel Steven Croley in a blog post, follows a Government Accountability Office report identifying numerous shortcomings by the department on whistleblower protections...8/5

Local and State

TVA cuts staff 15 percent, uses cheaper fuels to reduce power bills over the past five years

(Chattanooga Times Free Press) Cheaper fuel and a leaner staff are helping TVA cut the cost of electricity in the Tennessee Valley. Despite higher power bills for many homeowners last month due to the July heatwave, the average cost of TVA power in its seven-state region has declined by more than 8 percent in the past five years...8/3