Thursday, August 9, 2012
ORNL in the News

Small equals sensitive for MEMS-based antenna

(R&D Magazine) Traditional antenna-based approaches for electromechanical field sensing do not typically produce systems that exhibit high sensitivity over a broad frequency range. With its Broadband Micromechanical Antenna Oak Ridge National Laboratory has built an electromagnetic antenna with a wide detection range despite its small size of less than 1 mm in length...8/7

Researchers explore Li-air battery reversibility on the nanoscale

(PhysOrg) The researchers, Thomas Arruda, Amit Kumar, Sergei Kalinin, and Stephen Jesse at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee, have published a paper in a recent issue of Nanotechnology in which they explore factors controlling the reversibility of the particle growth on an electrolyte underlying Li-air batteries and nanobatteries...8/8

Wireless simulation, in a relaxed way

(R&D Magazine) Breaking through a fundamental barrier to physics-based simulation of wireless networks, Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Networcsim LLC, both of Oak Ridge Tenn., have completed a simulation package for making site-specific predictions of radio signal strength throughout geometrically complex environments like city blocks...8/7


U.S. and Gulf Allies Pursue a Missile Shield Against Iranian Attack

(NY Times) The United States and its Arab allies are knitting together a regional missile defense system across the Persian Gulf to protect cities, oil refineries, pipelines and military bases from an Iranian attack, according to government officials and public documents...8/8


WSI Oak Ridge announces management changes

(Oak Ridger) ...Steve Hafner will serve as acting general manager from Aug. 6 to a date to be determined. Hafner is senior vice president and director of safety, security and environment for Mission Support Alliance in Hanford, Wash...8/8

ARPA-E’s 19 New Projects Focus on Battery Management and Storage

( Last Thursday’s Information Technology and Innovation Foundation event, the “New Age of Discovery: Government’s Role in Transformative Innovation,” ended with a surprise when Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) Principal Deputy Director Eric Toone announced funding for 19 new projects in two new program areas...8/7

East Tennessee

Bonnie Carroll: Giving up control to grow

(Knoxville News Sentinel) Bonnie Carroll, chairman of Information International Associates...Oak Ridge-based Information International Associates, the company she'd launched in 1988 and grown into a successful information management business serving federal agencies across the globe, was at crossroads...8/6

Three Oak Ridge women finalists for YWCA Tribute

(Oak Ridger) The event, which will be held Aug. 16 at the Bijou Theatre in Knoxville, acknowledges the contribution of women in East Tennessee's nine counties. This year, Oak Ridge will be represented by finalists Wendy Lowe Besmann, Leigha Marie Edwards and Ruth Johnson Smiley...8/7


energy & science policy

US initiatives aim to tap into scientists' skills

(SciDev.Net) The US Department of State has increased its efforts to promote international cooperation in science and engineering by launching two new outreach initiatives...8/6

science & technology

Britain’s big bet on graphene

(Nature) Manchester institute will focus on commercial applications of atom-thick carbon sheets...8/6

NASA's Rover Captures Gorgeous Panoramic View of the Martian Landscape

(The Atlantic) With all the focus on the Mars rover Curiosity, the awesome work coming out of the eight-year-old Opportunity can get overlooked. But Opportunity is still going strong, thousands of days after it landed on the planet...8/8

What Cornfields Show, Data Now Confirm: July Set Mark as U.S.’s Hottest Month

(NY Times) It may come as little surprise to the nation’s corn farmers or resort operators, but the official statistics are in: July was the hottest month in the lower 48 states since the government began keeping temperature records in 1895...8/8

Other Stories

Growing Pains: Nations Balance Growth, Power Needs

(NPR) It may take some time to pinpoint the exact cause of India's massive blackouts last week, but the underlying issue for India and many other parts of the developing world is that supply is struggling to keep up with the growing demand for power – an imbalance that can affect the reliability of electric grids...8/7

Specialty MBAs: Faster and cheaper than the 'real thing'

(Fortune) Abridged business master's programs are growing at a time when applications to full-time MBA programs are declining at many schools...7/31