ORNL in the News

Cyber warriors train at ORNL to catch child predators

(WBIR) A group of wounded warriors is fighting a new battle, one that uses technology to catch child predators. 18 veterans are close to finishing their first week of training at the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)...8/9


What’s a reasonable time for DOE to determine the ‘reasonableness’ of UCOR salaries?

(The Knoxville News Sentinel) The Department of Energy's Office of Inspector General in March issued a report that found DOE's Oak Ridge office had approved higher-than-necessary salaries for executives at the federal agency's cleanup contractor in Oak Ridge, UCOR (URS-CH2M Oak Ridge)...8/9

Y-12 to conduct emergency response exercise

(WATE) The Y-12 National Security Complex is planning an emergency management exercise next week that will include sirens and simulated response by federal, state and local officials...8/9

State & Regional

Tennessee sets export record

(Nashville Biz Blog) Tennessee's merchandise exports increased to $16 billion in the first half of the year, according to the International Trade Administration, a record high for the state...8/8

Haslam announces health and wellness initiative

(The Modesto Bee) Gov. Bill Haslam has announced a new statewide health and wellness initiative. Haslam visited the Church Health Center Memphis on Tuesday to launch the "Healthier Tennessee" program...8/8


Judge Cuts Bradley Manning's Possible Sentence To 90 Years

(NPR) The military judge presiding over the sentencing of Pfc. Bradley Manning today reduced the maximum possible sentence the former intelligence analyst could face...8/8

US orders diplomats out of Lahore, Pakistan

(AP) The State Department has warned Americans not to travel to Pakistan and evacuated nonessential government personnel from the country's second largest city because of a specific threat to the consulate there, a U.S. official said Friday...8/9

East Tennessee

Federal judges reject request to consolidate Pilot Flying J lawsuits

(WBIR) A panel of federal judges has rejected a request to consolidate multiple lawsuits filed against Pilot Flying J, the travel center chain enmeshed in a federal investigation into charges that it skimmed promised diesel fuel rebates to dozens of truckers across the country...8/8

UT plans auditorium at Oak Ridge arboretum

(The Knoxville News Sentinel) The University of Tennessee announced plans Tuesday to build an auditorium with a large gathering room, double-sided fireplace and catering kitchen on the site of its Oak Ridge arboretum and research forest...8/8

Energy and Science Policy

Pair carbon tax with a cut in income tax

(The Tennessean) (Editorial) Good economics leads to good environmental outcomes. Botched regulations lead to neither good economics nor good environmental outcomes...8/8

science & technology

CoronasphereSun's Magnetic Field to Reverse: What It Means

(National Geographic) The sun's magnetic field, which spans the solar system, is just months away from flipping, observatory measurements show. "This change will have ripple effects throughout the solar system," solar physicist Todd Hoeksema of Stanford University said in a statement...8/7

Why Is the Boreal Forest Breathing CO2 More Deeply?

(Scientific American) The boreal forest seems to like the higher levels of carbon dioxide that result from fossil-fuel burning. All that carbon appears to be enabling growth rates not seen in human history for the northernmost forest, according to a new study...8/8

Bubbles are the new lenses for nanoscale light beams

(Eurekalert) Bending light beams to your whim sounds like a job for a wizard or an a complex array of bulky mirrors, lenses and prisms, but a few tiny liquid bubbles may be all that is necessary to open the doors for next-generation, high-speed circuits and displays, according to Penn State researchers...8/9

Other Stories

U.S. Congress wins relief on Obamacare health plan subsidies

(Reuters) Congress has won some partial relief for lawmakers and their staffs from the "Obamacare" health reforms that it passed and subjected itself to three years ago. In a ruling issued on Wednesday, U.S. lawmakers and their staffs will continue to receive a federal contribution toward the health insurance that they must purchase through soon-to-open exchanges created by President Barack Obama's signature healthcare law....8/7

Publishers Object To Government's Remedies Against Apple In E-Book Case

(Forbes) Apple isn't the only one unhappy with the Department of Justice's proposed remedies in the case over e-book price fixing. The five publishers who settled with the DOJ in its 2012 antitrust dispute said in a court filing yesterday that the DOJ's remedies would actually harm them and not Apple...8/8

Out there

What Pangaea Would Look Like With Today's Political Boundaries [Infographic]

(Popular Science) About 300 million years ago, the supercontinent of Pangaea started to break apart into the continents we live on today...Click here for the image.