Wednesday, August 10, 2011
ORNL in the News

Britt, Mays elected fellows of ACS

(Knoxville News Sentinel) Phillip Britt and Jimmy Mays of Oak Ridge National Laboratory have been elected fellows of the American Chemical Society....8/9

Researchers use neutrons to spy on the elusive hydronium ion

(EurekAlert) A Los Alamos National Laboratory research team has harnessed neutrons to view for the first time the critical role that an elusive molecule plays in certain biological reactions. Members of the research team include Andrey Kovalevsky, Suzanne Fisher, Marat Mustyakimov, Thomas Yoshida, and Paul Langan (currently at Oak Ridge National Laboratory)....8/8

DOE updates Billion Ton Study

(Ethanol Producer Magazine) The U.S. DOE has released an update to its 2005 Billion Ton Study to provide a comprehensive resource assessment to the bioenergy and bioproducts industry. The study is available on the DOE's Oak Ridge National Laboratory Bioenergy Knowledge Discovery Framework....8/9

NOAA, NASA: Severe Solar Storms Could Cause Power Outages for Years in 2013

(Benzinga) A report by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory said that over the standard 40-year license term of nuclear power plants, solar flare activity enables a 33 percent chance of long-term power loss, a risk that significantly outweighs that of major earthquakes and tsunamis....8/9


Department of Energy Awards Nearly $7 Million to Advance Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Storage Systems Research

(DOE Press Release) The U.S. Department of Energy has announced nearly $7 million over five years for independent cost analyses that will support research and development efforts for fuel cells and hydrogen storage systems....8/9

Department of Energy Announces $39 Million to Strengthen University-Led Nuclear Energy Research and Development

(DOE Press Release) The Department of Energy has announced that it has awarded up to $39 million in research grants aimed at developing cutting-edge nuclear energy technologies and training and educating the next generation of leaders in the U.S. nuclear industry....8/9

Too late to catch up on cleanup funding?

(Knoxville News Sentinel) Of all the U.S. Department of Energy programs in Oak Ridge, including science research and work on nuclear weapons, environmental management has been the most difficult to keep funded in recent years....8/10


Debt Downgrade: A Spark For Political Compromise?

(NPR) When Congress returns from recess, many hope a supercommittee can devise a deficit-reduction plan....8/10

World stocks rise on Fed rates pledge

(Reuters) World shares clawed back more ground on Wednesday as investors rattled by a run of heavy losses took comfort from the Federal Reserve's pledge to keep interest rates near zero for two more years....8/10

Census tracks 20 years of sweeping change

(USA Today) Results of the 2010 Census have been pouring out all year, an avalanche of statistics detailing the population characteristics of states, counties and cities. But the Census represents more than just a current snapshot....8/10

State & Regional

TVA refutes environmental group's report on Bellefonte plan

(Knoxville News Sentinel) In dueling teleconferences Tuesday, TVA and a Knoxville-based environmental group squared off over a controversial plan to complete a partially completed reactor at the Bellefonte Nuclear Plant site in Hollywood, Ala....8/10

energy & science policy

Groups Call for Scientists to Engage the Body Politic

(New York Times) In American public life, researchers are largely absent. Trained to stick to the purity of the laboratory, they tend to avoid the sometimes irrational hurly-burly of politics. Now several groups are trying to change that....8/9

Cheers all around as Obama sets fuel efficiency goals for big trucks

(Christian Science Monitor) First US fuel efficiency rules for heavy-duty trucks, unveiled Tuesday, are embraced by trucking firms, manufacturers, and environmentalists. They'll cut fuel consumption and carbon emissions....8/9

Inside Energy Extra

8/9 A daily report on U.S. energy policy
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** Keystone XL opponents 'misguided': CEO
** First big-truck fuel standards unveiled
** Nearly all senators urge Iran sanction
** Gulf spill, drilling seen as fish risk
** DOE awards $39M for college nuclear R&D

science & technology

Polar Bear Scientist Faces New Questions

(NPR) A wildlife biologist is continuing to face questions about an influential paper he wrote on apparently drowned polar bears, with government investigators reportedly asking whether he improperly steered a research contract to another scientist as a reward for reviewing that paper....8/10

'Super' mouse evolves resistance to most poisons

(BBC) German and Spanish mice have rapidly evolved the trait by breeding with an Algerian species from which they have been separate for over a million years....8/9

Polar Dinosaur Tracks Open New Trail to Past

(Science Daily) Paleontologists have discovered a group of more than 20 polar dinosaur tracks on the coast of Victoria, Australia, offering a rare glimpse into animal behavior during the last period of pronounced global warming, about 105 million years ago....8/10

Berkeley lab-led team works on storing CO2 underground to extract electricity

(PhysOrg) A team led by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory scientists hopes to become the first in the world to produce electricity from the Earth's heat using carbon dioxide....8/9

Other Stories

Counterterrorism on a budget

(Washington Post) Changing the U.S. strategy for fighting terrorism in a post-Osama bin Laden world will be key to finding a way to reduce defense spending. The first step to that change is an up-to-date analysis of the threats that we will face over the next 10 years....8/8