Thursday, August 11, 2011
ORNL in the News

New Corporate Fellows at ORNL

(Knoxville News Sentinel) Oak Ridge National Laboratory Thom Mason, left, poses with new Corporate Fellows Budhendra Bhaduri, center, and Sheng Dai at a dinner earlier this week to recognize their appointment to the elite group of research scientists and engineers at the lab...8/10

Catching Alzheimer's in the act

(ISGTW) Because the risk of Alzheimer's disease increases as people grow older, it is typically associated with old age. But the disease is not a normal part of aging. The blurry distinction between Alzheimer's and typical symptoms of aging is one factor that contributes to late diagnoses of the disease, said Nancy Munro, a researcher at the Center for Biokinetic and Dosimetric Research at Oak Ridge National Laboratory...8/10

ORNL to get $1.2M for vehicle lubricant research

(Oak Ridger) U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu announced Wednesday that Oak Ridge National Laboratory will receive $1.2 million for an advanced vehicle research and development project...8/10

Tennessee's first solar farm scheduled for early 2012 start up

(Recharge News) The Tennessee Solar Institute, a joint research collaborative between Oak Ridge National Laboratory and UT, will use $23.5m from ARRA to issue grants from the Solar Opportunity Fund...8/10

New ASTM Wear and Erosion Standard Covers Wear on Curved Piston Ring Segments

( A new ASTM International standard provides a method to more accurately measure small amounts of wear on curved piston ring segments and their counterfaces after lubricated bench-scale testing. "Coupled with advanced computer simulations, bench-scale testing has become a key tool in the development of new fuel-efficient engine components," says Peter J. Blau, Oak Ridge National Laboratory...8/8


Uncertainties should derail effort to combine Y-12, Pantex contracts

(Knoxville News Sentinel) The National Nuclear Safety Administration is moving forward with a request for proposals to fold the management of the Y-12 Nuclear Weapons Complex in Oak Ridge and the Pantex Plant in Amarillo, Texas, into a single contract...8/11

State & Regional

Tennessee finishes year with tax surplus

(Tennessean) Tennessee wrapped up its fiscal year by beating expectations, bringing in $19.9 million more than officials had budgeted for July...8/18


S&P controversy fuels demands for ratings reforms

(Reuters) Concerns about S&P's downgrading of the U.S. credit rating and the resulting global stock sell-off are sparking urgent calls for investigations and reinvigorating ongoing efforts to reform the ratings agencies...8/11

East Tennessee

UT gets $1.3 million for nuke energy research

(AP) The U.S. Department of Energy has awarded the University of Tennessee up to $1.3 million in grants for nuclear energy research and development...8/11

energy & science policy

U.S. Debt Deal Could Dramatically Slash Science Funding in 2013

(Scientific American) Scalpel or guillotine? Those are the possible fates in store for US science funding after Congress and the White House reached a deal to cut federal spending and raise the nation's self-imposed debt limit before a 2 August deadline...8/9

Energy Panel Wants Answers On Gas 'Fracking'

(NPR) A Department of Energy panel hopes new recommendations — if implemented — will restore the public's trust in hydraulic fracturing or "fracking" for natural gas...8/11

Inside Energy Extra

8/10 A daily report on U.S. energy policy
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- Army seeks $7B investment in renewables
- Upton named to Hill budget-cutting panel
- First Solar project is biggest for BLM
- Obama to tout battery advances in Mich.
- DOE awards $175M for vehicle R&D

science & technology

New Microscope Uses X-Rays To Resolve Nanoscale Details

(Popular Science) A new type of X-ray microscope — or more appropriately, nanoscope — is another big breakthrough in the world of imaging the small. It computes images rather than glimpsing them directly, allowing scientists to see details at the nanoscale...8/10

Ancient DNA reveals secrets of human history

(Nature News) Modern humans may have picked up key genes from extinct relatives...8/9

NIST Scientists Use Microwaves to Quantum-Entangle Two Ions for the First Time

(Popular Science) We’re still many years away from the first functioning quantum computer the size of a building, much less the first one the size of a desktop computer or a smartphone, but researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) are already moving toward smaller quantum computing devices...8/10

Other Stories

The Panama Canal Gets an Update

(Popular Science) The century-old Panama Canal has a major shortcoming: New ships are too long, too deep and too wide to fit through it...8/4