Monday, August 12, 2013
ORNL in the News

Dot HarrisDOE director of economic impact, diversity visits ORNL

(Oak Ridge Today) The U.S. Department of Energy’s Dot Harris, director of the Office of Economic Impact and Diversity, visited Oak Ridge National Laboratory Thursday and Friday. Harris spoke at the Research Alliance in Math and Science banquet Thursday evening, and she attended a RAMS poster session that preceded the dinner...8/10

Wrapping up Recovery Act: Millions left to spend in Oak Ridge

(Knoxville News Sentinel) ...Some of the nuclear operations at ORNL’s historic central campus were demolished with Recovery Act money over the past four years. The remaining money will help stabilize other contaminated facilities that will remain in place until money comes available for more demolition-and-cleanup projects...8/10


States Pressure Feds to Cut Energy Efficiency Backlog

(Stateline) After blowing past legal deadlines, federal regulators have agreed to update energy efficiency standards for four common commercial appliances by next year. Supporters say the standards will shave hundreds of millions of dollars off U.S. energy bills each year while dramatically cutting carbon pollution...8/9

Supersecret supersized: Y12 site boasts massive project

(Chattanooga Times-Free Press) Nestled in a lush green valley here is what's billed as the Volunteer State's biggest construction project since World War II. And that's even before the final cost of the Uranium Processing Facility at the Y-12 National Security Complex is known...8/12


Holder proposes changes in criminal justice system

(AP) With the U.S. facing massive overcrowding in its prisons, Attorney General Eric Holder is calling for major changes to the nation's criminal justice system that would scale back the use of harsh sentences for certain drug-related crimes...8/12

State & Regional

Lamar AlexanderQuestions Prompt State Museum To Postpone Alexander Exhibit

(WTVF-TV) The Tennessee State Museum has postponed a big exhibit featuring U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander after questions raised by NewsChannel 5 Investigates. The taxpayer-supported museum had been working with Alexander's campaign on an exhibit that would travel across the state -- while the senator was running for re-election...8/8

science & technology

CobiaBaltimore researchers turn carnivorous fish into vegetarians

(Washington Post) Cobia is a sleek and powerful fish that devours flesh and doesn’t apologize for it. Open its belly and anything might pop out — crab, squid, smaller fish, you name it...8/12

New Data Reveal Extent of Genetic Overlap Between Major Mental Disorders

(Science Daily) The largest genome-wide study of its kind has determined how much five major mental illnesses are traceable to the same common inherited genetic variations...8/11

RiceGM rice delivers antibodies against deadly rotavirus

(Nature News) A strain of rice genetically engineered to protect against diarrhoeal disease could offer a cost-effective way to protect children in developing countries, according a study published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation yesterday...8/19

Other Stories


(The New Yorker) On a bright Thursday afternoon in 2007, Jennifer Boatright, a waitress at a Houston bar-and-grill, drove with her two young sons and her boyfriend, Ron Henderson, on U.S. 59 toward Linden, Henderson's home town, near the Texas-Louisiana border...8/12

Could it be a 'cure'? Breakthrough prompts Down syndrome soul-searching

(NBC News) In the 14 years since her daughter, Rachel, was born with Down syndrome, Jawanda Mast has always been clear that she’d change the condition if she could...8/11

What Are Your Options Now For Secure Email?

(Popular Science) Many of us had assumed our feeble Gmail passwords were secure enough to keep prying eyes out of our email accounts. (I used a letter, a number, and a symbol!) But with revelations that the NSA can pretty much demand any email service turn over valuable and private information about our email, more attention has been turning to secure, encrypted email services...