Friday, August 13, 2010
ORNL in the News

ORNL and Asylum Research Receive Microscopy Today Innovation Award

(Nanowerk) Asylum Research, the technology leader in scanning probe and atomic force microscopy, and Oak Ridge National Laboratory have just received the prestigious Microscopy Today Innovation Award for the development of Band Excitation, a new breakthrough scanning probe microscopy technology...8/13

Multicore Processing: Breaking through the Programming Wall 

(Scientific Computing) The first petascale supercomputers — now deployed in the U.S., Germany and China — employ more than 100,000 processor cores each, multiple processor types in most cases, and distributed memory architectures...To date, three real-world applications have broken the petaflop barrier (1015 calculations/second), all on the Cray “Jaguar” supercomputer at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory...8/12

TVA Energy Efficient Homes Have Impressive First Year of Energy Savings

(PRNewswise) Despite a year of temperature extremes, the Tennessee Valley Authority has seen significant energy savings at its research project for energy efficient homes...Partners in the TVA project include Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the Electric Power Research Institute...8/12

Award-Winning Supercomputer Application Solves Superconductor Puzzle

(Communications of the ACM) Superconducting materials, which transmit power resistance-free, are found to perform optimally when high- and low-charge density varies on the nanoscale level, according to research performed at the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory. In research toward better understanding the dynamics behind high-temperature superconductivity, the ORNL scientists rewrote computational code for the numerical Hubbard model that previously assumed copper-compound superconducting materials known as cuprates to be homogenous—the same electron density—from atom to atom...8/12


Dismantlement done on W62

(Knoxville News Sentinel) During his visit to Pantex on Wednesday, Energy Secretary Steven Chu participated in the dismantlement of the last W62 nuclear warhead and declared it a done deal. "Completed a full year ahead of schedule, the W62 dismantlement program safely and securely took apart the retired 1970s era warhead, which will never again be a part of the U.S. nuclear weapons stockpile," the NNSA said in announcing the milestone...8/12

Now that the HEU's gone, Y-12 plans to repurpose WWII-era warehouse

(Knoxville News Sentinel) One of the top priorities after the Highly Enriched Uranium Materials Facility was constructed and certified at the Y-12 nuclear weapons plant was to get the HEU out of Building 9720-5 -- a World War II-era structure known for decades as "The Warehouse."...8/11

Federal Task Force Sends Recommendations to President on Fostering Clean Coal Technology

(DOE Press Release) President Obama's Interagency Task Force on Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS), co-chaired by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of Energy (DOE), delivered a series of recommendations to the president today on overcoming the barriers to the widespread, cost-effective deployment of CCS within 10 years...8/12

Department of Energy Paves Way for Additional Clean Energy Projects and Jobs Through Manufacturing Solicitation

(DOE Press Release) Energy Secretary Steven Chu announced today a new loan guarantee solicitation for renewable energy manufacturing projects...8/12


Dangerous staph infection MRSA drops in U.S. hospitals

Chicago (AP) Aggressive, drug-resistant staph infections caught in hospitals or from medical treatment are becoming scarcer, another sign of progress in a prevention effort that has become a national public health priority...8/12

State & Regional

State’s largest solar power plant comes online

(Knoxville News Sentinel) The state’s largest solar power system made its official debut today with the help of an array of local officials touting the benefits of the sweltering August sun. Set on five acres in East Knox County, the installation produces one megawatt of electricity, enough to power about 125 homes...8/12

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science & technology

Infant, Magma-Ball Earth Glimpsed Via Newfound Rocks

(National Geographic News) Giving new meaning to the phrase "older than dirt," scientists have found evidence of an underground rock reservoir left over from the days when Earth was a ball of magma, a new study says...8/12

Citizen Scientists Make First Deep Space Discovery With Einstein@Home

(CS Monitor) While your computer is running idle, it could be finding new pulsars and black holes in deep space. Three volunteers running the distributed computing program Einstein@Home have discovered a new pulsar in the data from the Arecibo Observatory radio telescope. Their computers, one in Iowa (owned by two people) and one in Germany, downloaded and processed the data that found the pulsar, which is in the Milky Way, approximately 17,000 light years from Earth in constellation Vulpecula...8/12

DARPA and GE Look to Butterfly Wings for Better Chemical Sensors

(Popular Science) Researchers at GE Global Research are working with DARPA funding to tap butterfly tech to make a new breed of sensors that could detect everything from explosives, to chemical attacks, to disease biomarkers on a person's breath...8/12

Other Stories

Pakistan Fight Stalls for U.S.

(Wall Street Journal) The U.S. military has stopped lobbying Pakistan to help root out one of the biggest militant threats to coalition forces in Afghanistan, U.S. officials say, acknowledging that the failure to win better help from Islamabad threatens to damage a linchpin of their Afghan strategy...8/13

Russia: Iran's nuclear plant to start next week

(AP) Russia's nuclear agency said Friday that it will load fuel into Iran's first nuclear power plant next week, defying U.S. calls to hold off the start of the launch. Rosatom spokesman Sergei Novikov said Friday that uranium fuel shipped by Russia will be loaded into the Bushehr reactor on Aug. 21, beginning the startup process...8/13