Wednesday, August 14, 2013
ORNL in the News

ORNL finding goes beyond surface of oxide films

(Oak Ridge Today) Better batteries, catalysts, electronic information storage and processing devices are among potential benefits of an unexpected discovery made by Oak Ridge National Laboratory scientists using samples isolated from the atmosphere...8/13

Neutron studies of HIV inhibitors reveal new areas for improvement in drug design

(PhysOrg) The first study of interactions between a common clinical inhibitor and the HIV-1 protease enzyme has been carried out by an international team with members from the US, Britain and France using neutrons...8/13

Rep. Fleischmann recognizes ORNL achievements

(WBIR-TV) Oak Ridge National Lab celebrated several researchers Tuesday morning who won some prestigious awards. Congressman Chuck Fleischmann recognized the scientists' and engineers' work that R & D Magazine ranked in the top 100 for the year's most significant technological contributions...8/13


Wind power at the Pantex nuclear weapons plant

(Knoxville News Sentinel) The Pantex warhead assembly/disassembly plant at Amarillo, Texas, today broke ground on what’s being called the nation’s largest federally owned wind project...8/13

State & Regional

Tennessee Sinkhole Risk

(WVLT-TV) Tennessee happens to be one of the top 5 states with the highest risk for sinkholes...8/12


NSA cutting staff since Snowden’s disclosures

(Washington Post) ...Many of those systems administrators are contractors, as Snowden was before he fled the United States and Booz Allen Hamilton fired him. Alexander wants to move more of the operation away from on-site computer servers to the online “cloud.”...8/14

East Tennessee

3 days into the school year, TN Cyber Academy still not approved

(WBIR-TV) Hundreds of students across the state are still waiting to learn if they will be able to attend East Tennessee's second school, based in Campbell County...8/14

energy & science policy

Federal Court Says U.S. Must Complete Yucca Mountain Review

(NPR) A federal appeals court ruled Tuesday that the Obama administration is breaking the law by delaying its review of a plan to store nuclear waste in Nevada...8/13

science & technology

Europe sets sights on lasers

(Nature) Last month, a large European nation placed an order for a pair of titanium–sapphire lasers. With an output of 10 petawatts, each would be about nine times more powerful than the strongest laser in existence today — capable of exploding the nuclei of heavy elements...8/13

A Black Hole Mystery Wrapped in a Firewall Paradox

(NY Times) This time, they say, Einstein might really be wrong. A high-octane debate has broken out among the world’s physicists about what would happen if you jumped into a black hole, a fearsome gravitational monster that can swallow matter, energy and even light...8/12

Cutting Soot and Methane May Not Slow Climate Change

(Scientific American) Reducing emissions of these other pollutants might not slow global warming as much as previously thought...8/13

Other Stories

EV charger maker Ecotality says may file for bankruptcy

(Reuters) ...Ecotality, which operates under three businesses - Blink, Minit-Charger and eTec Labs - said it was exploring options for a restructuring, including a sale, and had retained FTI Consulting as an adviser...8/12

Why BlackBerry’s Biggest Strength Isn’t Smartphones

(Wired) ...If there’s salvation for the company, it most likely lies in the back-end software and services it offers to large companies...8/12